Tuesday , June 15 2021

Firale video | ‘Niño del Oxxo’ goes international and is now the new face of Burger King in Costa Rica | Facebook | Twitter | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MEXICO

Do you know the ‘Niño del Oxxo’, nickname by which he became famous throughout? Latin America the main character of a viral video in Mexico that ruffled the social media a few weeks ago? It turns out that the charismatic young man has achieved internationalization and is now the new face of Burger King to promote you burgers in Costa Rica,

It was the own chain of American fast food establishments that was responsible for spreading the news about hiring ‘children of the Oxxo‘, whose real name is Elijah Navarro, Through two photos in Twitter wearing the business uniform, the minor bites a Burger and doing their characteristic “Hmm”,

And that’s not all since, to replicate the success of the viral video of the ‘children of the Oxxo‘, Burger King made a similar exchange of words between the young man and a dinner. “Good afternoon, give me a Whopper with Enlarged Potatoes”, a customer is heard saying, to which the little crook responds: “Enlarged … Hmmm!”, emulates his typical gesture.

Typically you go to the Oxxo to buy condoms and whoever works there knows they are for “the delicious” They erase ‘life’: ‘Niño del Oxxo’ is the victim of a cruel viral joke on social networks [VIDEO]We were scammed! The whole truth behind the viral video of ‘Niño del Oxxo’

Origins of the ‘Niño del Oxxo’ viral video

Navarro became a celebrity on social media through his friend Image by Daniel Morales, who was responsible for recording various versions of the viral video of ‘children of the Oxxo‘that he divided into Tik Tok from late last year to March 2021, grew its popularity as foam among netizens and he played in memes all kinds.

Their reception was so that different youtubers they set out to find him to find out if he really was in a job Oxxo, Mexican retail chain, and what was the true story. Interestingly, this only arouses the interest of other brands to have their services to promote their products.

Thus, the advertising agency of Burger King contacted the content-generating duo and, after a negotiation, they signed an agreement for a promotional campaign. Although everything was coordinated from Costa Rica, the videos were filmed in a branch of the hamburger chain in the city of Tijuana, reported The NY Journal,

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