Saturday , June 19 2021

Firale video | He opens a mobile phone to repair it and what he finds in it becomes a trend | TikTok | Social Networks | MEXICO

A mobile technician became the star of a sensational video firale that swipe social networks like Tik Tok after recording the time when you open a phone to repair it and find unexpected things. If you have not yet had a chance to see the clip, this is your great chance.

The recording we call was released in Tik Tok on the bill @ sad299, exactly on April 4 of this year. There you can clearly see how the man from the United States opens the phone with the help of a tool and then discovers that there is a note and bill in it.

“Please do not repair my cell phone. My wife will kill me. Save the $ 200 for yourself”, it appears in the handwritten message. In view of this discovery, the technician decided to place the following as the subtitle of the viral video: “I love when clients cheat on their girlfriends”,

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But that’s not all, because in the description of the said clip, which is already circulating on various social networks, he decided to place a recommendation for all his followers on Tik Tok, which are more than 38 thousand: “Guys, don’t drink too much on Saturday night.”,

The response from users was immediate. “Hopefully the technician did not accept the money and decided to expose the infidelity”, “The man’s actions made me angry. You can tell he’s scared.”, “I never thought I would see something like that”, are some of the many comments from internet users.

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