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Falabella's electronic sales increased by 22.1% in the third quarter. | economy


Chilean retail company Palabela He explained it. Electronics sales In their other format, they recorded a total of $ 185 million, an increase of 22.1% over the third quarter compared to the same period of 2017.

"Internet sales on average accounted for 7% of the total segment. Sleeve, In all countries where the company operates, "Falabella said.

However, the usefulness of the company was partially reduced by 10% due to the acquisition of the platform during the aforementioned period. electronic commerce Linio , Announced on the first day of August of this year.

"Part of the decline (ecommerce shop) is explained by the purchase of Linio, the effect of new norms in banking regulations and 100% operational integration. Brazil"He said.

On the other hand, the retailer, who participated in department stores, home improvements, supermarkets, real estate and financial services, posted sales of $ 332 million, up 3.9 percent from the third quarter last year. Chile And Peru.

Palabella has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. The company made a profit of $ 116 million between July and September.

Source: Reuters

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