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Facsimile to prevent HIV can be found in 2023 – Prensa Libre


Fascination to prevent HIV has taken 12 years and is testing for monkeys. (Free parse photo: services)

Fascination to prevent HIV has taken 12 years and is testing for monkeys. (Free parse photo: services)

In the context of the 10th World Scientific Conference on HIV (IAS 2019) in Mexico City, the vice-president of the Technology, Biomedical and Environmental Research Center in Lima, Peru, said the vaccine could be effective for several tribes the virus.

The idea is that with this new tool the spread can be stopped by at least 65% of this epidemic.

"The fax has inserts of several parts that resemble parts of the virus; therefore, the ability to be effective for different strains such as types of HIV is high," said Sanchez, who's part of & # 39; 39; a research study.

The development of this fax has taken 12 years and it is monkey testing, so it's already been studies in Phases 1, 1B and 2A, which are earlier phases to evaluate human efficiency.

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The study is called Mosaic and will be led by researchers of the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases, the National Health Institutions, the HIV Facsimile Testing Network and the US Army Research and Development Army.

This study, which will begin in September, will be conducted in 3,800 people from Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Spain and the United States, from 55 clinical sites around the world, and will have 125 Mexicans participating from various cities.

The participants will be men who have sex with men and transgender people.

“We aim to develop an effective worldwide HIV vaccine worldwideTo reduce the range of 1.5 million estimated new HIV infections per year that's happening, "said Larry Corey M.D., lead researcher at HVTN, virologist and member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Campaigns are being carried out worldwide to eradicate VHI. (Free press photo: AFP)

The specialist explained that in this study, half of all patients in placebo and the other half divided the vaccine into four doses containing adenovirus serotype 26, which provided mosaic antigens against HIV.

These antigens will serve to trigger the individual's immune response to the virus.

"It is not the virus as such, they are pieces of modified virus that will identify and combat HIV, so that it does not reach any part of the body," added Sanchez.

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The fax, said Sanchez, It is already tested in some centers in previous phases "And it has produced results without major unwanted effects."

The specialist said the vaccine would be another tool for preventing HIV, it would not replace other methods.

Several studies in the world have shown progress against HIV. (Free press photo: Hemeroteca PL)

“There are several tools to prevent HIV. We have had a condom for decades, but in the implementation it is not used enough, there is pre-trial prophylaxis (Prep) and this fax would be an extra tool, "he said.

The study and development of the vaccine is sponsored by the Janssen pharmaceutical company, and although it is expected that it will be able to achieve clear results in four years, it is not yet considered when it can be available. be for the general public.

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