Sunday , October 24 2021

Exchange scale was on the face of the global advance of the dollar Economy | Markets


De discount walked on Tuesday on the face of the marine fall of # 39; the sun through businesses for dollar from domestic investors and banks by the strength of US dollar, to the vice president of the Federal Reserve, Richard Clarida, supported new rates of income.

When closing operations on interbank market, it is dollarpriis 0.0% was split on S / 3,382, a higher level compared to S / 3.381 on Monday morning, the amount of the rental fee is 552 million, one of the # 39; The highest in the last two weeks.

Operators commented that some companies that were connected to the nuclear weapons have needed rare dollars, while the mining companies and managers of pension funds were months.

The global dollar was up to 0.31%, whilst sharing Wall Street and metal prices on # 39; the decline of & # 39; the explanation of & # 39; an American president, Donald Trump, on additional Chinese products.

In the informal market of Lima, the cut rate was seen on S / 3,387 in comparison with S / 3,388 of # 39; the previous day.

Source: Reuters

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