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Dragon Ball Super: So Goku went through the streets of New York [FOTOS] | Holiday | Parade | DBS | Anime | Thanksgiving Parade | Picture 1 of 7 | Anime


The end of the first edition of # 39; e film of Dragon Ball Super You live in all parts of the world. In United States there was a promotion of # 39; the movie in # parade fan Thanksgiving with a Goku ries, his eyes Super Saiyan Blue. In gallery you will find the photos of your visit new York.

On the fourth Thursday of November of each year this celebration is where a characteristic dinner is shared with turkey, apple sauce and other cuisine from the north. This is the holiday most often in & # 39; e United States.

Well since yesterday began to share photos of that Goku that he was prepared to play the streets new York in a well-known parade. This is all for the promotion of the following film & # 39;Dragon Ball Super: Broly That will get the big screen.

Even the popular medium & # 39; The New York TimesOpening the day with a cover of Goku. At that point came the population of anime Dragon Ball Super.

The film will debut on December 14 in Japan, while the rest of the world must wait a few weeks to have the version in their language. Dragon Ball Super He will also go through Peru on January 17, 2019.

The story is aiming to combine the veterans of the old things with the presence of characters like the Ginyu Special Patrol, such as those who are just animated. & # 39; Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; will focus on the past Planet Vegita, but also the story of ' Power Tournament.

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