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Dragon Ball Super: Cartoon Network pronounced upon the abolition of chapters in Latin VIDEO | PHOTO | DBS | Twitter | Facebook | Cine rows


Dragon Ball Super fans were disappointed after they could not see a new chapter of anime Cartoon Network. The loyal followers of Goku's story shared their dissatisfied in social networks, to the channel that it is chapters in dubbing Spanish Latin, you will not fit your match with your normal programming.

In & # 39; criticism of & # 39; the supporters of Dragon Ball Super, Cartoon Network He issued a statement and declared, on his own, all that happened on Monday, November 26th. Have you succeeded in convincing the fiery paths?

"From the name of Zen O Sama we try the nuisance, the next week we are about the continuation of the Power Tournament. #DBS #DragonBallSuper", with this message, Cartoon Network It hopes the anger of fans of # 39; to reach the Goku story, do not look good with what's been a few hours ago.

"Yes, probably listening to your audience and explaining, telling me another TV channel to do," "I'm sure they'll do one hour with chapter 109 as a step in Japan" and "I hope that what's It's worth to stop the chapters as they have to ", they were a few of the comments in response.

What happened to the Dragon Ball Super chapters about Cartoon Network?

This Monday, November 26, 108 Dragon Ball SuperHowever, what the channel was presented was the number 98, the one that disappears Universe 9. This causes more than a head of fans of & # 39; the series, they 're expressing their inconvenience Twitter and Facebook.

The same family members of the series began to speculate about what happened and eventually final dates of Dragon Ball Super were with apen in Latin Spanish.

"By taking account of 'hiatus', Chapter 108 would come to @CartoonLA on Monday, December 10, and the end of #DragonBallSuper would no longer be on 27/12, but on Thursday, January 10, 2019, a week premiere of #DragonBallSuperBroly in Latin ", is one of the comments that can be read on social networks. In addition, the new highlights expected much of the transformation to the Ultra instinct in Spanish, which would have a different name.

"People, it seems like #DragonBallSuper come in Latino hiatusin Cartoon Network. That means that tasty we see chapters 109 and 110, representing a critical point in the tour of power. Sorry, "as one of the comments found in the social network.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

After a few weeks of broadcast confirming Toei Animation that it would fail a movie Broly would look back to life. The synopsis is shared in social networks.

"41 years ago, the king of Vegeta's planet had a baby name that was known as the saiyan prince in # 39 not so much future, and his death on his Latin power or the strongest warriors protested. " At the same time, his loyal hand Paramedic Paraguay also had the pleasure of getting a new life, Broly, who has a potential, is no greater than that of Vegeta, but the enraged king loses the baby of Broly to a dark and narrow planet in a small capsule spatial "

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