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Gary Antonio Rodrigues Alvarez (*)

The second little vacation I took in eight years was influenced by government action. The first was Christmas the day after 2010. Second, Todos Santos of the past. In the first case, I heard about fishing on the Blanco River. The second occurs in Samaipata.

My wife Jannet knows I will not go on vacation. That's what she claims. So, thanks to her for the sacrifice she made to get an urgent call in 2010 before the price of gasoline and diesel rose. The good Friday expired when the Bolivian Central Bank (BCB) announced that it would cease selling the dollar after the statute to approve it expired.

Unlike the bold 2010 announcement of the impact of rising cost of living, BCB's innocuous presentation freed up social networks and asked dozens of questions about what to do. Unbelievers they "Dollar blue", Devaluation, etc.

The BCB has issued a statement that the proposal is small (up to 4%) and that the bank and the central bank will continue to sell the dollar, and the president added that there is no devaluation. But The devil of fear has already been released.

There is good reason not to expect short-term appreciation. Net International Reserves (NIR) have fallen by more than 40%, but more than $ 8,500 million is better than recommended by the IMF and calls must last three months. For imports: Bolivia supports them for almost a year. Speculative attack.

Another reason for devaluation is Bolivianization In spite of the fact that the fixed exchange rate adversely affects imports and income from the domestic market, the government-induced economy

Then, does inflation expectations that wake up the appreciation come with unexpected risks, and are there any people who are politically correct at the time of the election? Our job is to encourage exports to raise RIN and return to excessive dollars.

To conclude: I did not know whether to write about this delicate subject or not. What encouraged me to do it? The police 's obligation to come out of the meeting asked me my opinion on the future of the dollar.StrytosenseIt is almost hearing). After the heat I thought. "I have to write about this. "

(*) Economist and Master of International Trade

Source: El Deber

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