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CTS: Companies that fail to pay can be fined up to S / 93,000. economy


Until Thursday, November 15, employers in the private sector will have to pay for Time-of-Service Compensation CTS ) – Considered a serious violation under current labor regulations – S / 456 to S / 93,375 will be fined differently today Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL ).

"Failure to submit a written agreement within 5 working days of the date of the deposit (minor infringement) will result in a penalty of S / 56,025 on S / 187." Victor Zavala , CCL Law Center Manager.

This concept payment covers a period of two years from May to October 2018 and does not entitle you to extend it until the business day falls.

The CCL noted that the size of the current labor penalties was approved by the D.S. 015-2017-TR, General Administrative Procedure Act – taking into account the rationality and proportionality principle provided in Law 27444

"These are the three scales of the differentiated default applied by the third, Sunafil for the first, medium and large companies (no type) for small companies," Zavala said.

A fine depends on whether it is a minor violation (not submitting a form of payment indicating how CTS was calculated) or a serious violation (whether CTS is not deposited within the established period).

Things to consider
To determine the penalty, the number of affected workers is considered in addition to the sector to which the company belongs based on ITU (S / 4, 1508 in 2018).

The fines for small and medium-sized businesses registered in the registry of small-scale small businesses (Remype) can not exceed 1% of the net income received in the previous fiscal year in the same sanction procedure.

Below are details about the minimum and maximum fines for minor and major violations related to CTS, depending on whether you are a small business or a large business.

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