Thursday , February 25 2021

Crisis on Facebook | She continues to provide strategic guidelines and Zuckerberg is left alone

In the middle of a growing crisis in the social network Facebook, another WhatsApp director decides to leave the company. Neeraj Arora, businessman of the WhatsApp messaging network, has been completed in the last hours, suggests that he needs more time with his family. This output is added to the long list of obligations were made by social network of Mark Zuckerberg, You do not even respond to recent scandals.

In a statement, Arora mentions that "It's time to move forward, but I can not be more upset when WhatsApp keeps people in so many ways each day. I'm confident WhatsApp will continue to be easy and reliable for years to come."

Follow-up of the crisis

If we say that there is a crisis on Facebook, we're not just scandal about security issues. This year the exit of keywords in & # 39; Investing with social networking investments, This begins with answers from room and, even, his rejection of # 39; the position.

Jan Koum, director and co-founder of WhatsApp, in April after his post was launched with Facebook, after he had various opposites with the leadership in security issues and the way in which they wanted to use a lower version of encryption of conversations to publish to be achieved based on the content of you. In September, Brian Acton, the other founder The messaging network published the internal conflicts with Zuckerberg and the monetization map on the platform. Acton was responsible for breaking other HT #DeleteFacebook networks.

In addition to this, WhatsApp, Instagram Creators support the company recently to leave. Both Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriegger were sent back by differences with the Facebook board. Also in October, co-founder of Oculus, Brenda Iribe, refused her position.

In August, Alex Stamos, director of security for Facebook, went into complete misconduct with the way that the board of directors treated the crisis of Cambridge Analytica, and the small interest to publish the information on the subject.

All these movements, added to & quot; constant drippen services in all products, They have formed this rare odor on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has linked a social network that has linked the fifth part of the world, based on the need for integration. Paradoxically, it is increasingly lonely.

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