Wednesday , October 27 2021

Chiclayo: | Scandal! EsSalud doctor who tried to start the chair as a journalist was included on journalist | | Picture 1 of 3 | Peru


The doctor Fernando Millones Caicay proposes to learn a chair and a passport of the EsSalud Luis Heysen Hospital in Chiclayo on his job, now a journalist in a restaurant, according to RPP.

In an informative note is indicated by his own physician Reuters Daysi Cubas to give his version of the story that he performed with María Tapia Barrantes, but decided to interrupt the interview because he does not want to answer any questions.

Milliken Caicay, according to RPP, wanted the reporter to say that he did not want to. In & # 39; the image is seen as the subject of & # 39; a young woman is about to remove her microphone and cellphone.

As a result, the phone number of journalist fell to # 39; The floor indicates why it's his attitude.

A physician from EsSalud told ATV + that Millions Caicay had between 10 and 15 complaints for abuse and decease for patients, so he ended twice his position, but was replaced by determined measures of the judge.

At the latest incident that happened at the Luis Heysen hospital, the removal in his Facebook account indicated that the patient who had first attacked him had succeeded. The woman said they responded to saying he was amazed at her younger son.

EsSalud has been dealing with its position in the United States, and has reported it to the Medical Association of Peru, the Ombudsman's Office and the Ministry of Women and Military Populations, in addition to the initiative of administrative disciplinary procedures against him "Serious Misconduct" Management to deal with the final separation.


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