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Bebés modificados genéticamente | 10 clauses to entend this polemic noticia Tecnología y ciencias | Actualidad


China ordered a investigation of the annex of an investigation china that has been handled by a solidification process with genes modified by the fact that they are resistant to viruses, an experimental "peligroso" and "irresponsable" experiment.

He Jiankui, professor of the Shenzhen universities, in China, broadcasting on YouTube a video announcing the nicotine of a few weeks ago when DNA was modified to be resistant to viruses. Precisó que el padre es seropositivo.

Después de que científicos e instituciones chinas recibieran es ununción con numerosas críticas, la Comisión Nacional de Sanidad en China aquí una "investigación inmediate" sobre este caso, informo a Xenhua china news agency.

There is nothing wrong with this. This is where 10 claves are waiting for entender:

►El investigator He Jiankui has the use of the CRISPR genetic engineering strategy to log the object.

► Sin embargo, el trabajo de He Jiankui has now published a new census magazine.

► He Jiankui asegura has modified the genus Lulu and Nana, which is "nacieron semas hace unas semanas".

► Afirma haber "desactivado" el have CCR5, which forms a protein that permits the HIV among in a cell.

►El investigator says that "there is no risk of genetic engineering", but "it has the natural ability to resist HIV".

► Sin embargo, more than 100 world-wide califiers of "locals" and contrast to the genetic alteration of human genes.

► "I have been abusing the pandora, but I have had a chance to learn about the sea democracy," said Expert in a cartridge case.

► "This experiment expands the normal and unprecedented levels of beneficial real benefit," partly because of its nature.

► The CRISPR genetic modification technology is used primarily in human beings in 2016, concretely with pacient chinos with pulmonary detectors. Sin embargo, poco después is descubrió que puede causar más serás a los células de lo que se creía hasta ahora.

►He Jiankui has been censoring the military in a state of humanitarian education at the University of Hong Kong.

Aquí el video de anuncio de He Jiankui:

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