Thursday , January 20 2022

Barranca: School kidnappers will also be blamed for kidnappers and rape. Picture 1 of 3 | Lima


Sandro Milla, a lawyer for the scholars' mourners who seemed to have no life in the open field, Baranka , A confessed murderer of a minor, Julio Cesar Arquinio Giraldo (21)They will also be condemned for kidnapping and rape.

"The detainee gave details of how he did this foolish incident, and the prosecution would consider the crimes of kidnapping, rape, etc. The video (his statement) is a test because he said everything that happened" .

The judges are not blamed instantly through the cameras of América Noticias, but they 48 hours They have deadlines and will go to prosecutors to formulate their complaints with their supporters.

"The prosecution will notify the judge and the judiciary through a formalization of the complaint and we will ask for preventive detention for those responsible.", Judge added.

Relatives of a 10-year-old girl MurderBecause he will receive a short sentence as opposed to a crime FeminizedYou can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Arquinio Giraldo elaborated on how he ended the life of a girl on a motorcycle taxi. It happened when a child sold gelatin in the Leticia sports arena.

She confessed to the police and said that she had hanged her and then closed her mouth and threw a fist. He also said a local motorcycle taxi driver named "Wilmer" had been arrested, and a 17-year-old boy was caught several hours later by his staff.


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