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Atopic dermatitis, a condition that brings you "head"


The Universe / La Voz de Michoacán

Mexico City Drye, red and yellowish skin is a sign of atopic dermatitis, a chronic health hazard that has been reduced to 10 percent of childhood and 3 percent (3.8 million) the adult population in Mexico.

Together with acne is one of the main causes of dermatological consultation and usually in the first year of life, so it is to count on the symptoms in & # 39; to keep children watch to deal with it immediately.

At a press conference, dermatologists reported that according to various studies, 60 percent of patients depressed, 90 percent of interest and 85 percent say that the money is important. In general, they sleep 2.5 hours less than the population in general by dipping.

The President of the Mexican Academy of Dermatology, Linda Garcia Hidalgo, says 27 percent of people with this condition (physical or psychological tax) and 11 percent of discrimination, by appearing on their skin, Sometimes it has lectures and remains.

In the context of 'World Day Atopic Dermatitis' announced on Nov. 27, he said that 2 percent of # The patients did not check the state.

The moisture of skin is an important factor in the condition of & nbsp; to enhance the most extended body of the human body, besides the patients need to use special soap or bed only with warm water and a few minutes but wearing clothes, from temperature, Angélica Beirana, vice president of Mexican Society of Dermatology.

Although, Javier Gómez Verá, president of the Mexican College of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (CMICA) said that this disease requires a multifunctional treatment that includes psychological support and allergies.

He gave the importance of preventing self-medication, especially with subjects that contain steroids because they can cause damage to the body.

Always follow the indices of a specialist and use the treatment only for the time indicated to prevent the risk of glaucoma, hypertension, diabetes and other nephritis.

Gladys León-Dorantes, President of the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology, said that in pediatric patients 62 percent are men, in & nbsp; The average age of 8 years, which has begun atopic dermatitis the first year and 83 percent have any allergy.

The experts have indicated that the junk is the disability of this disease and calls the population at the #BajoMiPielDA campaign to tackle more knowledge.

It is expected that in next coming months a new biotechnology medical in Mexico will be available for toddlers 18 years and older who has effectively shown in & nbsp; a control of the disease.

The continuous application of Dupilumab significantly reduces the symptoms and breakthroughs, all 15 days injections and has all been authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Mexico) in Mexico.

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