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Andrés Hurtado rejects mockery of live producer | Because today is Saturday with Andrés Video Farándula nndc | SHOWS


Andres Hurtado played in an interesting moment on his live show. This time, the host wanted to surprise his viewers by singing in Quechua, but his producer made it clear that the popular ‘Chibolin’ can not speak this language well.

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The producer of Saturday’s program began laughing at Andrés Hurtado for his attempt to sing in Quechua, a situation that hindered the presenter, who decided to stop his space to “shoot” his accomplice live.

“The fact that you’re my general producer does not give you the right to laugh like that, because you let me down a little bit, do you understand?”Andrés began to say, quite seriously.

“If I’m singing, it’s because I sing in Quechua and I do speak languages, let people believe me, even if I do not speak. Do not make me mad, I ask you please, you can withdraw. You do not work more “, added a foul ‘Chibolin’.

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A little embarrassed, the producer of “Because Today is Saturday with Andrés” could only cross his arms and shake his head, without reacting to what Andrés Hurtado said.

Andrés Hurtado sings in Quechua and shames his producer:
Andrés Hurtado sings in Quechua and shames his producer: “Do not like yourself, you do not work anymore.” Video: Panamericana Television



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