Tuesday , November 30 2021

Alessandra Fuller can not see Pablo Heredia and Flavia Laos? | Shows


Alessandra Fuller , Flavia Laos en Pablo Heredia They have to go back in America yesterday and not see each other. The attendees at the event could not prevent all details of the meeting.

Tula Rodríguez , host of "every lip," said that Alessandra Fuller, Flavia Laos en Pablo Heredia They have participated in the party and watch each other.

"I was at a table and then the tables of Alessandra Fuller, Pablo Heredia and other colleagues were followed, but they did not even realize," said Tula Rodríguez in the program.

In pictures I could see that Alessandra Fuller is accompanied by the producer Miguel Zuloaga en Mayra Goñiwhile Pablo Heredia next to his friends actors.

He called attention Flavia Laos He was also at the meeting and they never made or earned any greetings with Fuller or Heredia.

If you think, Flavia Laos declare that America's show Pablo Heredia It's just his "confidant" and he's gone Alessandra Fuller to & quot; end of & quot; a recording of a novel of channel 4.

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