Wednesday , June 16 2021

Wolf Moon. Blood Moon. Super Moon. Today you can experience all three – easier over the clouds

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The night at 04.34 begins the month of the visit in & # 39; the damage of & # 39; earth. After that, the beginning of just one hour of early morning climatic change is called "flower moon", because the mouths give the month a red color.

A moon celebration occurs as the sun, earth, and moon are focused, and the month is entirely or partly in the shadow of & # 39; earth. If the full month is & # 39; damaged by & # 39; an earth falls, we get total moonlight.

It goes regularly, but it is rare that you can follow the course until January 21st.

The super month is getting bigger than usual

The total eclipse night until January 21 lasts one hour and three minutes.

The month slip has taken place, while we have a great month – a bigger month, to & nbsp; the month in & # 39; a point closest to Earth. Then the month looks larger, with a diameter up to 7 percent higher than the average, the website writes

Thus, we get the rare double phenomenon that can be called a "super flower moon".

If you enter the & # 39; month's & & 3939; you see, you see in the evening "king month" after the custom of American indigenous peoples, in & # 39; In the morning hours, Monday was quite distinctly different – a "superb blue moon".

Weather forecast

If you want to have a month's eclipse, you should be happy with the weather. And so far, the perspective has been looking darker at the rare phenomenon.

Østafjell's clouds according to the weather forecast until the evening of Sunday, January 20, and it is announced.

"The chances of viewing the month's light are probably not very great," says meteorological consultant Jan-Inge Hansen at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

In the rest of the country, it is close to the west and north.

– Then you can get lucky when it comes in, says Hansen.

Long after the coming time

The following cases of lunatic clocks are not as noticeable to Norway:

  • November 8, 2022, a total month's clock can only be seen from Svalbard.
  • On September 7, 2025, a total month of eclipse is visible from the mainland, but the full phase (eclipse) begins before the moon rises – so it becomes less visible for Monday.

Therefore you have to wait until New Year's Eve in 2028 before you can follow the whole course of a total month's assessment of the mainland in Norway, according to

Moon clips are easily observed with the blood eye.

– It will take a long time for the coming time, so a chance if you can! Two planets liked to spend the morning, astronomer Jan-Erik Ovaldsen wrote on his website Himmelelkalender.

He says that as the window in the last phase of & # 39; Being, two bright planets appear low in the south east. Venus, the last one, arrives at & nbsp; new, then Jupiter. These are not visible from northern Norway.

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