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– Where’s the moral? – VG

FILM STAR: Blake Lively, here at a fashion show in New York in 2019. Photo: Roy Rochlin / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Blake Lively, 33, and her three young daughters are said to have recently had a bad experience with a photographer.


The actor, known from a number of Hollywood films and TV series, suffered a long and serious sigh of relief this weekend – in the commentary of the Australian Daily Mail.

They had posted a photo of her and her three daughters of six, four and one.

Lively writes under the newspaper’s own post that she thinks the photographer and the newspaper are doing fraud when they present photos that give the impression that she is smiling benevolently and waving at the camera.

She is very reluctant to set up the smile image against the assurance that the photographer stayed away from her children. Lively, who has children with actor husband Ryan Reynolds (44), describes the whole incident as “scary”.

– The true story

The newspaper subsequently deleted the Instagram post, but the post is being reproduced from the Comments By Celebs account, where shots were shot with the children’s faces.

In a lengthy commentary from Celebs, Lively thanks her for sharing her proposal.

THANKS: Blake Lively thanks others for sharing her posts, even though she even deleted the photos from her own site. Photo: CommentsByCelebs / Instagram

«Same story is: My kids were chased by a man all day. He jumped out, and then he hid himself“, Lively explained in her comments to the newspaper and stated that a foreign woman was so upset by what she testified that she tried to reprimand the photographer.

Livelyskal himself must have tried to approach the photographer, but he will then run away “and then jump forward again around the next corner”.

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«It’s damn scary», The American film star writes to Comments By Celebs about this persecution, especially when she brings her children with her.

In his original commentary, Lively asked the newspaper directly:

«Do you do a background check on the photographers you pay for stalk children? Where is the moral here? I would like to know that».

She expressed great concern about the safety of children and then begged the newspaper to delete the pictures. The Instagram post has since been removed, but the newspaper article with the photos is still online.

The case has received coverage in many major media outlets, including Entertainment Tonight and Elle. The Australian Daily Mail has no comment on the incident.

STAR PAIR: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at a premiere in New York in 2019. Photo: PBG / EMPICS Entertainment

Do you remember? Reynolds and Lively made the wedding day gifts

Living and Reynolds have always been reluctant to show off their daughters in public. The first time she did that was with the two youngest in 2016, when Reynolds was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It was three years before the youngest daughter was born.

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