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Vinmonopolet needs to create a "near-folder" calendar


Arild Grande, chairman of the Labor Party, shook his head.

"As far as I can see, this is whether Vinmonopolet can sell a large carton that can accommodate 24 small cartons, he is not about selling alcohol, advertising alcohol or containing liquids or alcohol, I said.

"It's a bit funny that it comes from the right-wing and Frp who usually claim to be related to freedom," he says, "it's important to think of the phrase" close to a folder "when he reads about it.

According to Dagsavisen, Vinmonopolet sold about 2,000 Christmas calendars last year, the first time such products were offered. Communication manager Jens Nordahl says that the emergence calendar is required. He does not have an overview of the number of calendars in stock.

"Nevertheless, they will be destroyed," says Nordahl.

– Do not compete.

Senior and Public Health Minister Åse Michaelsen (Frp) said the Christmas calendar was halted following a good conversation with Vinmonopolet, and the company's mission was to "sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages."

"Vinmonopolet will not compete with other companies and will not sell any other products," the minister said.

Grande does not respond to Michaelsen's message that Vinmonopolet should not compete with other actors.

"But Vinmonopol does not think it sells empty packaging, it's the best example of a keen competition, and if it's public health, the Secretary thinks there are other ways of hiding more than this kind of ban," said the AP delegate .

Aquabits box

Gating and Grocery chains sell Christmas calendars with space for 24 bottles.

Vinmonopoly has to scrape the solution into 24 boxes, but they continue to sell gift bags for both beer and wine bottles. Vinmonopolet It is not a problem for health ministers to sell Christmas calendar solutions with this bottle.

Norway Nordahl signed the product "Normaegian Akevites 24" through the order committee, Nordahl said.

Grande does not understand the logic.

– It is strange to be able to purchase an emerging calendar with 24 akevite bottles on Vinmonopolet's website. This is a product packed with licorice, not an empty cardboard box.

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