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Three cheap cars will make you safer in winter


Winter is for the door and if you need a cheap winter weather, we have some car tips for you.

So, we have this winter in the bigger and fastest free environment.

But we will probably not go away this year too. For here in the northern part of Europe we are rare with sometimes a lot of weather. At both good and bad.

Many snow, wind and perhaps a slight rain above all is not uncommon. This will be an exciting result and stringent requirements for both drivers and cars.

Fortunately, it is not easy to get a car with a good four-cycle system, which makes winter easier easier.

We have taken a sweep in a used car brand to see what you are & # 39; The usual 4-wheel car can get 100,000 crowns and enough room for the whole family.

Audi A4 Allroad

Audi A4 Allroad came in 2010. It is a small brother of A6 and was almost successful here in Norway. Now you get it just over 100,000 crowns.

Audi was in many ways the automaker who seriously put the four-wheel drive in a car on the map. In 1980, she launched her unique quattro four-way system and brought the wheelchair with the legendary Audi quattro the next few years.

Eventually, Quattro became increasingly in passengers, and opened a new Audi for a while. The A6 Allroad came in 1999, as we now call a crossover. This is a mid-range of station and SUV.

In 2010, Audi succeeded successfully on Allroad's success with the smaller A4 buyer. If it were possible, the hot rolled A4 Allroad became a new Audi success

You can now get a car, just like 100,000 crowns. The most common, with a 2.0 TDI diesel engine of 170 pipes behind the whole grid. This model showed that the A6 Allroad has indicated us, but in a compact packaging with smaller engines. This made the price more level for most people when it was new.

These cars are often far away. At prices up to 100,000 crowns you should count at a kilometer of 200,000.

So, a small rough control before the purchase is included. Cars with gasoline engines can use heavy coins. The car for foreign cars can also be wrong (better after 2011). Check that the automatic gearbox works well, it's hard to do with it. Otherwise, the integral values ​​and parts such as brakes, adjustments and uplifting are to be checked. But the quality of new Audi A4 is generally good to compare with older copies. Keeping a well-kept copy in good condition, this is a good winter weather!

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Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback can both buy cheap or good cars with a very good four-wheel drive system. Now you get this generation cheap.

Subaru is the most legitimate of four-wheel drive cars. This is its trademark since the first car in the middle of & # 39; 70s.

Not only have the car a good and strong four-wheel drive system. In addition, they are known for good-paying reliability.

This combination has greatly appreciated many Norwegian nationals and the size of a small Japanese manufacturer has sold many models in many years.

Subaru made a small genre drawing when it was the Outback model to end # 39; the 1990s. A low right-handed car, with no SUV. An auto that combines the best from two worlds. Comfort as passengers, and almost SUV accessibility. At the same time see the rough. Here was Subaru earlier than the Volvo XC70 and Audi Allroad.

Outback models were also among the cars with the greatest second-hand value in the used market for many years. But if the years fit and the kilometer is high, they get their cheap money now. From 30,000 crowns and to the oldest.

If you invest $ 70,000-80,000, then you get Outback from 2008/09, which is good with learning interiors, navigation, automatic transmission and panoramic glass roof. It can be delivered with a 150 hp diesel engine and a 2.5 liter gasoline engine.

Brakes are a weak one here. One should also take care to have the right judgment, or it may be that the four-skating system can be damaged. Cask motors are thirsty but best. Make sure the register is rewritten replaced in correct intervals and that oil does not consist of & # 39; the motor comes.

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Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 was a dream car for some active families when it was new.

After that you will take a station wagon, reach a good amount of foreign security, get the landlord, drive four bicycles, drive well and turn around – you will also be a car that is perfect for winter win!

This was a safe and secure dream car for many families when it came. But it costs; The smallest engine was a 5-cylinder diesel of 185 horses, making a price of 600,000 crowns or more. With 6-cylinder petrol turbo on 285 horses was even worse. It finally came to million. The XC70 was ultimately available with various engines.

The Volvo XC70 got a good upgrade in 2004 and recommends that we buy a car then. They are just best cars. In addition, a better Haldex system for four-wheel drive.

As always in Volvo, the intentions are good, the seats are comfortable and the safety is good.

But these cars are not entirely easy. We can start typing Volvo errors such as holes, cuts and in show, values, brakes and hand cranes that are tightened. One of the rollers should be checked and none of the & # 39; The jump will be annoying.

When it comes to the engine: Check if the registration is enabled. Also check for oil types under the engine. The sheet on the left side, by the wheel, is not expensive. Is it good between the engine and the gearbox, it is worse …

For 100,000 crowns, a model of 2006/7 is not too far and is also well-established.

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