Friday , August 12 2022

There was a strong reaction in the episode of the RBK campaign. NFF now needs clarification.


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There was a lot of allegations that Kristian Sean Alicoli would have to leave, though Sunday they lost 1-3 to Kristianen.

Coly first met Fire Player Taijo Teniste with his elbow and attacked the Fireback in the neck and neck.

There was some controversy between Start and Rosenborg when Birger Meling was in the situation of Start Player Damion Lowe. The revenge showed Lowe's elbow hit Rosenborg's back in his face.

Now the NFF confirms that Coly and Lowe are at risk of being punished.

– The NFF will ask for a description of the two clubs involved. Then, with the judge's explanation, these two explanations will be sent to the Appeal Committee for evaluation. It is the responsibility of the disciplinary committee to make a decision. The communications manager writes to NFF Yngve Haavik.

The Brann player's Albuña has the following meanings: – violence


The situation caused a strong resonance in Eurosport's Eliteserien studio.

– Assaulting – Red card in clockwise direction. Thomas Myhre, an expert, did not want to see the football stadium, so he talked about the situation where Colly hit Burnt Teniste.

Experts felt the same judgment in episodes such as Meling and Lowe.

On Monday Colly and Kristian Sundud regretted.

"Aliou Coly wants to regret the situation today in consultation with Kristiansund Ballklubb, who acknowledged that the situation was critical and that he was wrong with the tackle, and Coly said what happened to Sport Club Brann ) And Taijo Teniste for his personal remorse. "The club wrote in the press release.

The situation in Kristiansand was also noted. After the game, he admitted that he should be deported.

– Yes, definitely a red card. After starting the game I wrote the starting player with a text message to Fædrelandsvennen.

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