Wednesday , March 3 2021

There are good reasons for taking unbeatable credit cards

The following year, non-used credit is considered part of your debt. – Unused cards in two say, experts believe.

Many Norörders have not used credit cards away. It does not cost you much more than the fee. Yet in yet another six months, unused credits are counted on these cards as part of your debt.

That is, if there are two credit cards, any unused credit card, where the credit limit is 50,000 crowns, the few will receive 200,000 lessons in loans, VG writes.

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"I have only one advice: Leave the cards that you do not use and tell the issuer that the credit has to be deleted," says CEO Ådne Skjelstad in the refinancing company Lendo after VG.

The reason for the change is that the registration of registered debt registers for the coming summer should be introduced. The register will help to take credit card, not just the loans that you receive from banks and other financial companies.

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