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The whole new MacBook Pro 16 can cost more than $ 30,000 and the iPhone 11 does not get a USB C

Apple's new laptop will be the fastest ever.

We are all tired of asking when iPhone is powered by USB C.

The Lightning brand is gigantic

But now information from people with knowledge of development as production is leaking again, this information refers to the fact that an iPhone 11 does not get a USB C connection, an improvement that has been requested for many years and calls is.

Does Apple not just have to shift in fear of manipulating the giant Lightning products' third-party products?

Three models with A13

All of three new models get Apple's new A13 chip, and just like last year with Xr, the most affordable model doesn't get OLED but LCD panel.

9to5mac refers to mobile phones as "iPhone 11", so it is possible that Apple ignores Roman telephony techniques.

A new taptic engine is also in place and referred to by Apple internally "jump haptics"Whatever it is. 3D Touch so we assumed the feature today disappeared."

camera improvements

The two models that take over Xs and Xs Max get an extra wide-angle camera. The camera in front is also upgraded and slowmotion 120FPS is found.

The iPhone 11 looks like & # 39; the images we've seen based on cool technical drawings.

Smart Frame is a new feature that also makes photo's of what is outside the area where you are aiming to create photos or videos, for the chance to to finish even better results.

The additional image information is automatically deleted after a certain time for privacy reasons.

MacBook Pro 16

Then it was Apple's brand new MacBook Pro, then. The latest thing about this, which is expected in October, is that it is priced at $ 3,000. Yes, you have read correctly; It's likely to be more than NOK 30,000 for the machine in Norway.

In the same month, upgrades are also expected for current Pro and Air machines.

It seems that we can forget about OLED, because it's probably equipped with a 3072 x 1920 LCD panel – up from 2880 x 1800 in the current Pro 15 ″ model.

Due to the price, Apple must promote the product for professional users who need a merger between iMac and iMac Pro in pure performance

For those of you who do not like the keyboard of current Pro and Air generation, this autumn is expected a new keyboard with "case keys".


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