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The scandal hopes Zlatan will act.

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Tony Chapron frankly sat down with BBC News ten months after he began his judicial career. There he shows how annoying Zlatan is.
There is Ibrahimovic. Learn more below.

In January, a French judge suddenly ended his career. In the match between Nantes and Paris Saint Germain, Judge Chapelon fought against the legs of Diego Carlos. He hit Diego Carlos' leg and eventually clashed with Nantes.

I was shocked after that. Chapron gave Carlos a second warning. The match was overtime.

As a result of the incident, the referee decided to end his career after a six-month suspension at the French Football Association.

Chapron of the BBC podcast said, "I will not drive him away.

Chapron received massive criticism of social media since the incident and publicly wrote to the BBC that "I feel that the whole world has seen TV clips."

"I was too bad to finish my career in this game and the situation, it's hard to accept after 1500 games," he said.

Towards Zlatan: – Very annoying person

Chapron is currently working in the French media and reveals what he really thinks about the player he judges. The description of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is outstanding.

– He is a very annoying person, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I have always had a conflict with my opponent, owing not only to the judges but also to my colleagues.

Toni Chapron gives Nantes defender Diego Carlos a red card. (AP Photo / David Vincent, File)
Toni Chapron gives Nantes defender Diego Carlos a red card. (AP Photo / David Vincent, File) Photo: David Vincent

He was a crazy person. I think he is a great player, but in pitching he was someone else. As a judge, it was very difficult.

Chapron said Ibrahimovic hoped to act.

– Because he says so much, it'll hurt. I hope he does not mean what he says.

– It's really unnecessary.

The retired judge reached an agreement between the PSG and Lorient in 2015. Ibrahimovic recorded a hat-trick, and after the match Sweden took the ball and went to Prón. He broke his finger and said. "
ball! ".

– I thought it was rude. Chapron adds: "If you forget simple things like" please "and" thank you very much ", there is something wrong with society.

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