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The coach of Stabæk was relaxed with judge in firefighting

BERGEN (VG) (Brann-Stabæk 2-1) Feuer won for the first time in six games. In the transfer Stabæk coach Jan Jönsson left & # 39; a inside.

– With a small understanding of the game, he (the fourth judge Kristoffer Hagenes) can ask me to sit, says Jönsson to VG.

– I say nothing else, but sound and so the fourth judge cannot stop, the Swedish head coach Stabæk continues.

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– Do you think the referee team reacted?

"I can say" quietly "to" yes, "replied Jonsson," for explaining that the break was over a jersey that "looked like" everyone ".

The Swedish coach was also probably in the service line against Odd on July 10.

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Aalesund won in the transfer

Listened to quarters

Judge Tom Harald Hagen responds to VG's criticism after the match:

– I have been told by the fourth judge that "he has left the technical zone, supported and protested against the refereeing team." He asks me to send him support, and then I choose to follow it.

– We had a good job in explaining where he explained his version and we explained our situation, Hagen hit the road from the Brann Stadium.

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The outbreak came in hectic end-time, where & # 39; t Stabæk hunt a balance.

Former Brann player Daniel Braaten sold for 1-2 for Stabæk nine minutes before the full time, when he brought the ball between his legs to Håkon Opdal in the fire goal. When the final party failed, there was not a small one that could endure a long fire for Brann. Stabæk got two corners on tops, but Brann knew.

Berisha match winner

It is the first Bergen victory since June 23 against Lillestrøm. Since then it has become NM exit, coming out in the Europa League qualification and drawing against Mjøndalen and Molde in & # 39; a series.

OBJECTIVE: Veton Berisha sets Brann's second goal against Stabæk. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Ruben Yttergård Jenssen sent the home team in & # 39; lead to a tough race in & # 39; played a 16-meter Stabæk round the hour. It was after the preparation of Petter Strand that it had just been on the rail for just over half a minute.

The man from Tromsø was for the opportunity to see in a curve more offensive midfielders than before in the season. It does.

– Then I can be a little bit more early to defeat the last pass and do things in a subject, says Yttergård Jenssen.

The 1-0 goal performed a good fire period that then came to another score later. Ordagic flipped the ball to Veton Berisha, who broke the ball and told the second range to 2-0 for the men.

– We did not do as well in & # 39; football and after & # 39; both cups are loose, it is best to get a quick match so you can do something. And we had three points today, says Berisha to VG.

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Sleepy 1st round

The stadium act served as mirror image of Heaven's Mountains in & # 39; a first round: gray with small flash of light. Feuer started out best against Stabæk, who was very satisfied with defending himself and putting Franck Boli with the few red bells on a few quick tests.

The home team had the handy high hand, but it was Stabæk, the hardcore one. Boli moved to an innovative corner just outside 35 minutes. A few minutes later, the same man was sent only with Brann keeper Opdal to a tasting chip from Emil Bohinen, but he did not want to have any guests.

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