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The AHDH diagnosis is not well documented.


This can be found in the white paper "Diagnosis of hypersonic disorders in children in Norway" published in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. This article explains the use of ADHD diagnoses in professional health testing and the correlation that there are differences between counties.

The researchers read the medical journals and solved the court problems, and the correlation diagnosis was documented. Journal reviews include children from all over the country.

– We found that about half of ADHD diagnoses were well documented. According to the national guidelines of Pål Surén (Pale Surén), a researcher at the Public Health Institute of Public Health in Norway, many expulsion measures have not been carried out.

There have been many diagnoses without what the so-called judge has to say. Discrimination Diagnosis AssessmentI will rate other explanations of the symptoms. Some children have learned about learning difficulties and anticipated development without the need for skills or developmental testing or attention to diagnostic assessments.

In other cases, the media information included in the child's life included symptoms that could affect the symptoms. It may be cohabitation between parents, serious parental illness, neglect, abuse or harassment..

– That does not mean that the child may have ADHD, but it should always be discussed in terms of the child's symptoms and function, Surén says.

He also explained that the children did not fit the ADHD diagnostic criteria and that they had read a journal that did not actually have that condition and could appear diagnosed.

Difficulty in diagnosing ADHD

Diagnosis of ADHD is difficult because there is no difference between diagnosis and normal function. High levels of activity, impulsivity, and inadequate concentration are common for young children, but they usually get lonely as the children mature. It may be difficult to set a threshold for diagnosis and to border the normal to the child hanging in the mature process.

This challenge is not limited to ADHD. Many psychiatric and medical diagnoses are based on symptom criteria and do not have clear thresholds for diagnosis. Diagnosis should be adjusted according to total evaluation and discretion.

"A common objection to ADHD diagnosis is not a developmental deviation, but Fortel Surén, a label for children on the outskirts of the normal area.

Nonetheless, the researchers point out that research on ADHD children shows that they are the most realistic and determine the child's normal development. Overactivity and lack of concentration often bring large amounts of water to the shoulders and ell. Many have begun their habit of controlling language development, loss of movement, and their behavior.

I did not investigate enough.

"Some children get diagnosed with ADHD that they can not have," says the researcher, although it does not mean healthy children are being diagnosed, but enough tests are needed to convince children with disabilities.

Surén Meiner needs to improve ADHD diagnosis in Norwegian professional health testing. Country guidelines must be explicitly stated in the amendment and include what should be included in the payment. Diagnostic criteria should be used aggressively, so the diagnostic criteria are reserved for children who meet the criteria. The researcher also believes that we should develop a way to observe children in shelters and kindergartens. Such observations should be developed because they are an important part of the foundation for diagnosis.

"Some ADHD diagnoses are too thinly hosted, but there is generally no basis for seeing over-diagnosis of ADHD in Norway. Children with ADHD should not, in particular, get medical care in a county with this diagnosed child.

Therefore, it is not enough to reduce the proportion of children who need to be diagnosed. The goal is also to apply the diagnosis to the right child and build on a thorough spending.


Surén et al. (2018): Diagnosis of dyskinesia in children in Norway. Published on November 20, 2018. Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 1970. DOI: 10.4045 / tidsskr.18.0418

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