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Test Toyota Aygo: Big Man


"The people see me first, they see the car, they look at me again and smile. First of all I'm not awake when I kissed, or if this little pink chocolate is really my car.

It tells us our own Broom-Benny, after a week in one of Norway's cheapest and cheapest cars, Toyota Aygo.

Benny is a man. There is no doubt about it. Perhaps not the most despicable or the most it makes, but still. With 192 centimeters on pants, shoe number 46 and weighing more than 90 kilos, he is very
Rawed examples of the type.

He also looks like "man-thing". He carries his own car in his own workshop. He goes to Birken, he can find a tent and lunch in the pool and divide for several days midweek he & The United States has about Haiti
with a rod. He asks you what kind of handbag – you do not have to be electrician to say so … And he looks great car. In less than five meters, he decides to skate a little, as "king".

No – Mercedes is no more than Norway's most traded taxi …

Be a little skeptical

Now he spends a week in one of the smallest and cheapest cars on the # 39; the Norwegian brand. Attention to someone in the non-human pink-purple color is tasty.

– A few 16-17-year-old little boys were also stone and measured with the half open mouth, in the mirror I saw that they were around the car to get them to the # 39; stop and wait for the bus.

72 horsepower is obviously enough to be good at Broom-Benny.
72 horsepower is obviously enough to be good at Broom-Benny.

– The reason was that I suddenly suggested that I would take a good breakthrough test from a cross. I gave the iron as it were, with three cylinders, a thousand cubic and 72 horse, I. The two were at the stop
Probably not used to say such a car in this way and on such a line, Benny understands.

– So it's just delicious? We think we should have a few and give you a challenge …?

– Yes, but you have done that. I understand that car tests do not just mean that they are moments. Earlier on one side. We need to try the normal car, for ordinary people. It would just be missing and I would like to.

"But I will also add that I'm not much of a small car, as this often happens, offers a little comfort, they are not good, and the skating skills are often like … Ehhh .. I thought, come
it's something.

– In my way to get this, I think I think that withdrawal of the loan was because I was able to return my own car before it could return. So optimism was not just fun, gave

Learn more about the new Toyota Aygo here:

Inside it goes on again. If it's nice, you can do it well, but at least it's amazing!
Inside it goes on again. If it's nice, you can do it well, but at least it's amazing!

– I thought I shook my nose in the back

– But did you use Aygoen for the weekend?

– Yes, absolutely. At shopping center, on weekends, for exercise. I just used it and ran a lot. Have a little shot through this candy I. On the road I got a great comment, like I had never heard before. From a woman.
She thinks the bugs or small flowers appear. I've never done the comparison, but now that I've both been aware of and see, I see them right.

– And you got a car in the car?

– Yeah right. No problem in the benefits. I'm also surprised. Wise, cheap material with some different distances are used inside, but this was much better than expected. The back is small and disruptive. Must specify
So I do not try it, but I do not care what's been done then I'm leaving the handbag behind the seer of # 39; the train. It was not a fun game. It is for children. People over 190 centimeters have nothing to do. trunk
Is there a handkerchief on a regular car.

"My old VW Golf convertible has been processed, so I want to shut it off to deliver it to the local recycle jacket, it's just a seat on the back of the rack. Liter. There are some handbags
and that's it …

– The car is not 3.5 meters long, so there's something about the physical laws and limiting here. The first time I got back, I felt I had my back in the back of my back. It's so small, he explains in a typical Benny way.

This is Toyota if you lose a desert

The car is really not great, it's just under 3.5 meters long. Notice the error
The car is really not great, it's just under 3.5 meters long. Note the "flower design"

It goes well at the speedway

"But it is well-arranged to have a car in this segment. We speak a control check, accessibility, file connections, automatic needle breaks and apel cars to name a few.

– Besides, Aygo, I discovered, individual can be adjusted. This pink car got a couple of pink details in the inside, floor mats that are in the pink, pink, and in the & nbsp; the sits. That gave the small car a little playful and a little bit
exceptional range. Two colorful tastes also turn on. There is a whole lot of smell that has made awareness. There are more to do here than when I get my Tesla, that's safe, he says.

– The color then – what do you think about it?

– he, he … A little stranger, but why not? Maybe not the most light color but should I choose, then it should not be white or silver. I would have lived much fresher, but perhaps not just pink,
then. But I think it can be orange orange with black dak. He can do something, he asked.

The small motor of 72 hp. is enough to let in autobuses.
The small motor of 72 hp. is enough to let in autobuses.

– How do you feel it floating?

– Much better than expected. It's really easy to drive, and I'm not saying it's okay. It is quieter, much more stable and is recognized as a larger car than it is on the road. The camera is good, the seats are allowed, the sound level
strikingly low. You can easily drive 110 – 120 km / h on a car. This can really go on a long journey with a speed.

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