Friday , January 27 2023

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From Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, a lot of precipitation was expected in the Kristiansand region of eastern Norway, where Yr announced a rainfall of about 120 mm in 48 hours.

From night to Sunday it shows a number. Telemark stands on top with 106 millimeters of rainfall for 24 hours.

Telemark's Lifjell and Porsgrunn are the most rainfalls in the country. Aust-Agder is fourth at 63.7 mm and Vestfold has 59.0 mm of precipitation over the past 24 hours, says NRK weather scientist Hanne Beate Skattør.

I waited for more rainfall.

According to a meteorologist, Lifjell therefore took first place in heavy rain this weekend. Also, you will continue to buckle for the next 24 hours.

"The worst rainfall has passed, but it is expected to rain at night till Monday, but it will get a bit more crowded," says Skattør.

She added that people should be aware of traffic when they see overcrowding on the road.

Check and run

Telemark and parts of eastern Norway show floods and landslides with yellow risk levels. The fire department encourages people to check and run.

"We have a few cases of water in the basement for Vestfold residents for a day, we encourage people to check out the leaves and branches, and we also ask if people have a small water stream near the water. It could lead to the loss of water to other islands, "said Tom Berger, deputy director of 110 South Centers.

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