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Teenage brother who was charged with criminal charges in his 30s



Despite his childhood, the prosecutors are imprisoning three teenage brothers in prison. The reason is the seriousness of the crime.

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The three brothers, aged 19, 17 and 16, were charged with about 30 criminal offenses. Oslo Autumn and winter around 2017 NRK. This includes more rape, coarse razors and threats to the police.

Penalties for minors are rare in Norway. Section 33 of the Criminal Code is applicable in the case of "particularly demanding". Youth penalties introduced in 2014 are common responses to young criminals.

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Attorney General Reidar Bruusgaard leads the case against children aged 19 and 17. On Friday, at the Oslo trial, the district court ordered a 17 – year – old unconditional prison sentenced to three years in prison, to be sentenced to four years in prison and four years in prison. Blame for the boys is consistent with 19 relationships, including rape and rape.

Bruusgaard tells the NRK that penalties such as boys and social punishment have been thoroughly evaluated against both brothers.

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"We have a basic positive belief in juvenile punishment, but in some cases it is still not realistic," he said.

The 16 – year – old youngest brother is charged with eight conditions, including total rape. Even in this case, the Torun Gran exam finds that the youth punishment is insufficient. She believes that the age of 16 should be judged equal to that of a 17-year-old sibling. Four years in prison, three of them are conditional.

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