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Subaru Forester: Norwegian cabinet love is branded


The 2019 model of Subaru Forester is new brand. At the same time, it is very compelling for the original concept. Especially one news makes it very attractive.

Subaru Forester is the kind of foreign car that SU SUV still carries away – but that succeeded the Norwegian people in the middle of # 39; the soul came when it came in 1997.

Excellent land use, four-way route, decent space and reliability that is so good that it is almost connected to the longest

Perfect for hunting, cab ride and other activities. A very good four-bier warrior does not fight.

Brand new Forester in 2019

That's what the car has made a success for those who need a sober, unexpected but solid and reliable car.

The years have indicated that there are many Norway that you have the car. Although it was never a good seller, Forester sold sellers year by year.

Many of the clients are very comfortable and are on their second, fourth and sixth subaru.

Now we have a good news for these customers – and everyone.

In brief, Forester comes in a new version, like the model 2019.

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Subaru Forester does not focus on big jumps with the 2019 model, but the car is both brand new and larger.

As a refreshing hybrid?

The new Forester is very loyal to the original concept. But it needs to be a bit bigger, a little better on the most and least, the new and usable safety devices / helpers are on board. So it's both safer and more enjoyable.

The bill recorder is further than before. It consists of an improved 2.5 liter bicycle engine. The show is 182 pilots (up to 170 in today's model) and the gearbox is a stubborn CVT machine. At the same time, fire brigade is sold.

In sports and touring variants CVT has a guide that simultaneously has a sand stretch hand, using shift lever on the locomotive.

Of course it also has its legendary, symmetrical four-wheel drive system in place.

There is no confirmation that Subaru Forster, like the small brother Subaru XV, will also come as affordable hybrid. This will undoubtedly make the model even more attractive to the Norwegian market, which is a lot to elect the float.

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More security tools, better materials and better room make the model of the 2019 model.

Further, safer and more comfort

One of the great news is DriverFocus. It is based on a free program of required individuals who are hard, unaffected or deviating from the driver.

The car has become more widespread. The back up is increased and the entrance to the rear is simplified with larger backrest and modified C-posts. The fuselage is also greater in the capacity. There are no major changes to this effect. We speak more evolution than revolution.

New and better materials will provide a higher level of observed quality. The same contributes to better sound intake. Forester also got a completely new developer.

Many people use this car's hard drive. Subaru has taken into consideration that the model 2019 has material that's robust and easier to operate in both cabinets and in & nbsp; the bump.

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Subaru Forester Sport is a somewhat fresher and harder variant.

United States first

New Forester will also come in a new and hard sports variant.

After what we experience, it is launched on the continent, the first sale. The car is a big success in the United States and will therefore be sold before it comes to Europe.

This can mean that some of the specifics can vary, for different marks have different requirements for equipment, teaching and motorization and power. Design in and out will probably be very similar, independent of the brand.

We will naturally come back with more information about Subaru Forester for the European market with specifications, prices etc, as soon as it is available.

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