Saturday , May 28 2022

Stephen Hillenburg: – Skaperen av Svampebob er død


Stephen Hillenburg, som sued the popular animation series «Svampebob Firkant», he dreaded.

There are channel TV channels Nickelodeon. It was 57 years old.

The nurses, animators and the more recent marine biologists Hillenburg continued in March 2017 and had diagnosed as long as they had died.

That's the gang at the end of working with "Svampebob Firkant" as much as he can, and in the coming of his TV series.

ALSO it and nervous nervesykdom as angriper motor nerveceller i ryggmargen og hjernen.

Hillenburg tackled the enormous popular series "SpongeBob SquarePants" for Nickelodeon channels in 1999.

Undertaker, Bikinibunns, Svampebob and Figurer, Bleke Fangarm, Patrik Stjerne and Mr Krabbe, have been crowned by hundreds of TV-episodes, films and critics of Broadway music.

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