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Soon enough chances for young women who want a free HPV vaccine


Almost 120,000 young women have free HPV vaccine for the past two years and therefore less risk of cardiovascular disease. In short, the offer will be sent out.

Figures from the National Vaccination Register (SYSVAK) show that 53 percent of women who have access to the two-year impact programs have been using.

The program ensures that women born in the 1991-1991 period are born, the vaccine will get protective against HPV virus, which can lead to special cancer. Since 2009 this vaccine has been given to all girls in the seventh grade, but those who have before school did not have this.

Minister of senior and public health Åse Michaelsen (Frp) is pleased.

– The whole Vaccine saves life. Therefore, the government began the vaccine program in 2016 there were young women who were born in 1991 or later offered a free HPV vaccine. Almost 120,000 women have hitherto been the benefit of the offer. This is great, she says.

Three doses

The State Regulations recommends that everyone in the target group starts the end of December. It is the last chance to take the first shower before the system is handled.

Dose two and three must be taken July 1, 2019.

– You must take all three doses to get the most protection possible. We get some questions from women if they have to integrate once more as long as there is a plan between the teachers. They do not need it. It is good that it has been longer than planned, says project manager Anita Daae for the young women's fashion show.

– Green measure

In addition to figures for the whole country, the National Institute for Public Health also produces figures for intimate women in various counties, municipalities and districts on Wednesday

"The municipal healthcare has made a great effort and has raised more than 300,000 HPV-based teachers since the vaccine office has risen two years ago. The highest proportion of intimate women is found in Trøndelag, followed by Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland, victory over Daae.

The lowest part of vaccines can be found in Østfold, Buskerud and Akershus.

Vaccine increases the risk of developing rare selenium cell cavity by 90 percent in women who are not intimidated with HPV in the time of impairment.

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