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So happy Mourinho da Fellaini was a transition


(Manchester United – Young Boys 1-0) A match without victory. Has it so much? But in the transition, a new club Marouane Fellaini – Manchester United appeared to the Champions League. And then, manager José Mourinho did not bottle one, he sent a full-fledged carriage of flesces – of joy / abandoned frustration.

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"It can be seen that Young Boys can set up on Old Trafford, but much is the Fellaini saving the day Manchester United, said the legend of the club, Ryan Giggs, after TV 2 after the game.

The man with 13 league matches with Manchester United was just unlucky with the game and finds that the lack of self-esteem is clear: they are anxious for goals. And if they are striking players, they will strive to defend themselves, says Ryan Giggs.

Victory may be of extra importance. Now it's the rest for the last match against Valencia Champions League in two weeks. And it is possible to think of common gaming in the coming months. It needed Manchester United. Valencia is for this time out of dance. They have five points and play in Europe League after Christmas.

But the victory on Old Trafford was little in place, though Manchester United had a chance of possibilities.

"We had too many chances, José Mourinho's conclusion after the match, which was a suburb.

"It's the performance of some players that's ok, but an attack should make goals, Mourinho's opinion on this matter.

It was not just Manchester United who lost their chances in this evening's Champions League. Check this great bomber:

However, we need to forget the following: After 70 minutes, David the Gea saved him when he was out of hand (192 centimeters) – and the Spanish keeper got the ball away from the line. Fortunately, the problems can still be greater for Manchester United and José Mourinho.

"A phenomenal rescue, a wonderful rescue of the world's best keeper, and his rescue gave us the opportunity to win the match – as we had," says José Mourinho.

It is an unknown diet. On three full-time games in Champions League Champions League, Manchester United did not get a single point – before Fellainis was victorious. It never happened.

The negative notes are just over. In the fall of 1992/92, Manchester United won six out of # The 19 first matches (all tournaments). The site is eight wins the worst – in 2001/02. And it looks like it would be right now. Then Fellaini, for this occasion, was unknown to a short woman.

– Unbelievable for us, we were our win. We have done a great deal, but most importantly, we won the match, of course, "said Mourinho.

Manchester United had a lot of opportunities against Young Boys, Marcus Rashford had most of them. We spoke five or six great opportunities, just to the young Englishman. And United played a good fight, offensive, they made a lot.

But it helps little if it's a goalie. And it does not help superstar Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku came after a while.

It looks like Manchester United has included. Old-man Alex Ferguson saw this on stand as he tore his rubber gum.

But "Fergie time" was not always forgotten by Old Trafford.

Marouane Fellaini, a controversial figure on Old Trafford, received the last word.

And not with the head. He turned him into a classic tip and made the ball in goal.

For a second, jubilant on Old Trafford.

At the same time, the former Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo contributed to the jubilee in Turin:

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