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Several complaints about the unpublishing of NRK by Helt Ramm: – An enormous disgrace

The Norwegian Broadcasting Council has received a total of six questions about the NRK program “Helt Ramm i Tokyo”, where the host and comedian Nicolay Ramm produces a Japanese game show host.

Wrote yesterday NRK that they have chosen to publish outthe three episodes after strong reactions from the audience. Two of the questions are complaints about the content of the program, but the Norwegian Broadcasting Council has also received four complaints about the publication of the program. This is stated by the council secretary Erik Skarrud to Campaign.

In one of the two complaints that are negative for the content, the broadcaster praises NRK for publishing the content.

– In light of all the demonstrations in the US and the discussions in Norway this spring about racism against Asians, I think it’s strange that this program was not immediately scrapped before it was launched. As the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, you have a responsibility. Words, expressions and recordings on the TV screen mean a lot to Asians in Norway, he writes, among other things.

Another complainant writes that the content should never have been “censored” by NRK, and calls this a great disgrace.

– Have no words for what I think here, but this kind of censorship (of humor !!) reminds me of a dystopian society in the East then saving people who feel offended, what happens, what your humor is about to make! Embarrassed! Damn for shame, writes the clearly overwhelmed complainant.

Solvang responds

Debate presenter Fredrik Solvang also responds to NRK’s ​​decision. In a posts on Instagram he asks what the consequence will be if it is not right to imitate accents and popular cultural genres.

– I laughed because I think he nails it weird with Japanese and Asian game shows without being naughty. Can no comedians from now on imitate Danes and Finns, let alone Russian submarine captains? he asked.

The post has received 17,000 likes.

– Uncomfortable

It was VGwho first discussed the responses to the feature.

– It’s very nice to make a Japanese game show, but to wear a wig and look really Asian and speak with an Asian accent, then I get very uncomfortable, said influencer Jenny Huse to VG Tuesday.

Nicolay Ramm himself says in a press release from NRK that it is right to remove the programs.

– We now see that we have made a mistake. Then it is absolutely right to take it away. If it’s not fun, then it’s not fun. We thought it would be fun for everyone. It is not.

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