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Røe Isaksen omskiede provisjoner i reiselivet: City skaffe oversikt over «Syden-metoder» – Makro og politikk


Is it a phenomenon of Norwegian tourists in the shops and restorers of the betal guides to attract fledgling penguins to accelerate the establishment? At the same time I did not beter, did you go for it?

Sometimes E24 reported Tuesday, her Senterparty Geir Pollestad wrote a written statement to ministers that she had to go to the next day with the specter that "Syden-metoder would not be in Norge".

– Tilbudt kunder mot betaling

Bakgrunnen he at flere medier, blende annet Dagens Næringsliv, i sommer meldte om marikker som ble forbigått av store turistgrupper, fordi de ikke var villig til å betale.

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Geir Pollestad (Sp)

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Geir Pollestad (Sp)

And a burger on Bryggen and Bergen continued Bergensavisen at the turn tilbudt kunder mot betaling.

Geir Pollestad i Sp crever nå lovendring før neste turistsesong. Graduates are looking for a city-wide problem set up before it's gone.

– Jeg skjønner godt at næringsdrivende ikke ønsker å betale ekstrabeløp for at turister skal komme ynom, men om det skal bli ulovlig er jeg mer utikker på, sier Røe Isaksen til E24.

– The first thing we have to do is to give us a picture of utensils, and what this shadow works. Jeg er i utgangspunktet åpen for å endre regelverket, men vi kan ikke innføre lovforbud basert på oppslag i DN, sier statsråden.

– We have to make an appointment on day-to-day rule, including legal appeals to eventual regulatory issues.

– Do not worry

Røe Isaksen, som også er konkurranseminister, vilde departementets competitieavdeling voldere lovligheten opp mot dagens regelverk.

– There is a god of speech Geir Pollestad stiller, the god of Ove Trellevik, and Høyre, has silenced it for months, when it comes to viewing particles that will solve problems in written script in September.

– The only one that you have ever had to do is to get to Bergen, before it's tired of getting to Sogn og Fjordane. We had to run around for a long time and did everything that day, with today's rule. There he did not go out. But this can be a great way to get it done.

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CRUISE CONTROL: The summer tournament in Flames, where the wheels are stored in store with cruise control companies, are very wealthy to get paid guidance.

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CRUISE CONTROL: The summer tournament in Flames, where the wheels are stored in store with cruise control companies, are very wealthy to get paid guidance.

Kristin Krohn Devold and NHO Reiseliv will say to E24 at the time it is scarcely secured on the provision, and the provision is given to an entrepreneur.

– It's a good start to problems. Det er tilfeller till det ertebart he ulovlig, he suddenly snaps his pockets underneath for exemplar, Røe Isaksen – and said that he had been tapping it all over again.

– But this is the case with the grandeur. And a turist operator who has a restaurant and a bar in his own room, and before leaving the office, he has a problem, and a direct payment tariff.

Rekker was not summer

– How many scams there oversee over problem?

– Sannsynligvis sitter no skatetsataten on which these penguins commer fra, it he vancelig å få oversikt detalj. We should contact the organization organizations and snap up these mediocre providers to get support from the perpetrators, including the latest information from Accidental Miljeys – NHH is now working closely with this work.

– How can sanceners and endorsers be able to end up with something?

– He's been there for a while now.

– Pollestad city has been facing tourists. Mye av turistnæringens arbeid før sommeren starter allerede nå?

– We have to do everything, it's easy to use instructional tools, make this cleverly. Loving rhythm like a stinging scalp treatment and erythema is not easy for summer. However, it is clear that we have clear information about ourselves, and we can see situations around the world in the near future.

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