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Prince Harry and you Meghan – – – Harry did not manage to prepare

When Meghan Markle (37) married last year in the British royal family and was named Dukes of Sussex, she was probably ready to live drastically in some way.

She came out of a life as an actor in Hollywood, but still lives a reasonably sheltered life, which is in stark contrast to how she lives today, where everyone sees them all with arguments.

Meghan has been the victim of tremendous criticism, whereby royal experts are afraid to leave the 37-year-old on a wall.

– At a time you start asking what the flaw can be. Yes, they do best, but it can be nothing more than incredibly difficult to stand in all this, said Royal House expert and journalist of Victoria this month.

GIFT: Harry and Meghan have their allegiance and are now men and women. Video: AP
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– Did not succeed

According to Cosmopolitan, when the heart-beaters overcome the premier of a Disney classic "Lion's King" in London last week, Meghan has expressed his feelings about many criticisms of & # 39; rival, 46.

Williams will have the meaning of Meghan and Prince Harry's relationship, for the 37-year-old saying "they don't make it easy" and focus on criticism.

Although Meghan was made aware of what attention she was expecting, she married one of the most conservative families in & # 39; In the world, King Ewart now thinks it wasn't good enough.

In an interview with The Sun, Ewart tells us that the pressure on the Duchess is far more than what it & # 39; s in & # 39; The success story "Suits" played.

– She was not succeeded by paparazzi photographers, he says, adding that it is almost impossible to prepare one for life as royalty.

"This royal family is anything but what they could imagine and it is all over, hard for Harry, as it was for William and Kate, to declare what it is," says the royal expert, "this is what" According to The Sun's belief, Harry failed to figure out what Meghan was expecting.

Similarly, royalties explain that royalty is previously an impression, especially considering that most now have a smartphone with the ability to capture everything they do and every word they say.

NEW LIFE: Although Meghan walked several times during his archery career, life is now quite different. Photo: NTB Scanpix
NEW LIFE: Although Meghan walked several times in red during her acting career, life is now quite different. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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The expert of the royal family and journalist Victoria earlier this month tested with a call to leave the 37-year-old in peace, preferring to leave the work as royal without unnecessary disturbances.

– Earlier, Meghan, with his famous background, was able to use a vocabulary that could not comment on all the rites of rumors. On another side, if your member is in & # 39; a royal family, you follow the mantra of "the queen", "never to complain and never explain". You have to look at the world media, social media and everyone else you judge, said the royal expert.

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