Thursday , January 20 2022

Now everyone can see who has a driver's license –


Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular. However, before accepting a possible tenant, you must make sure you have a valid driver's license.

The car owner must make sure that the person you rented the car needs a driver's license for that class.

Norwegian Public Roads Administration has now launched the "Check Drivers Card" service, which is available in

– The lender here can easily check that the driver has a valid driver's license. This service is available to everyone, but like other digital services, you must log in through the ID port. "Says Bujar Llukaj, Norwegian Public Roads Administration's driver's card office.

Protecting confidential information

You need a name and a personal identification number (11 digits) to determine which driver you are.

– Which driver in the service was illuminated? Restrictions are confidential and can not be used for other information or health reasons, such as seizures and seizures.

– Individuals have a limit of 10 searches per day. Luckaj says that a company that logs in through Altinn, such as a rental car company or a car dealership, can do 2000 searches a day.

See who applied to me

All listings are displayed on the page of the person you are looking for. When searching for the first time, search for SMS and search history verification methods for search.

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