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Neymar was the winner of PSG Liverpool beat in Paris


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Now, the promotion can switch to Liverpool.


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It was Paris Saint-Germain who could smile to Liverpool 2-1 home at Parce des Princes in the fifth league league of the Champions League.

Venstreback Juan Bernat sent the Parisians after the leadership of # 39 Neymar led the lead in the first place. Sadio Mané was just before the break, as James Milner set a goal.

However, it was the superstars Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, sometimes somehow converted to Liverpool defenders.

"There are two soccer players behind him. It's so fast that it's almost impossible to stop," said Lars Tjærnås, photographer, Viasport's commentary.

Also editor Andreas Toft was impressed with what he had seen as superstars:

"They're just a fun to see," said Toft.

Gary Lineker also called on two-level social media, following their hitting cooperation for the 2-0 scores.

"Neymar and Mbappé combine many times, and enhance PSG's leadership. Electrically, Lines wrote on his Twitter account.

Liverpool worked again in the game, but PSG likes to lose the energy behind the second half. It was time for Neymar to talk and try to increase people in Paris.

– Neymar speaks to the audience as the ball feels him. What has actually happened? He has great reactions to the public, "said Toft from commentary.

COME AGAIN !: Neymar wanted more from the public in Paris.


"This is a very strange situation, followed by Tjærrnås.

However, Neymar and PSG can broadcast the broads to the victory over Liverpool. 2-1 against the red color of Merseyside means they call second in group C, with one match again.

"I'm very proud today, we've played with great mood and the same morality and intensity as Liverpool, we started well, but expect some confidence, and Liverpool was strong, but we were strong. It was not a great victory, as we saw the players wanting this, PSG coach Thomas Tuchel told Viasat 4 after the match.

For Liverpool, the loss of Wednesday, and also the victory of Napoli against the Red Star, means that they must win the settlement against Naples in the last round of Anfield. If not, Liverpool is out of # Champions League.

After the match, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp was very critical in the direction of Szymon Marciniak:

– We got a penalty, the referee would not give it and I do not know how it is possible. There is a red card on Verratti. We have played three times in England the fair play, and today we see as rooms. There are six, seven, eight yellow cards and we are close to a red card, which is great. The referee must have a match like this and he did not prepare, Klopp said to Viasat 4.

When Viasat reporter Jan Åge Fjørtoft inquired about Neymar's teatrice case, Klopp kloppt on all plugs:

– I have to say what I have to say. I did not talk about Neymar, you saw the match, tell what you want to say, you have the microphone. I wait for you to say something. I would like to see if you have the balls to say it without saying, "Klopp called Fjørtoft, who answered the German trainer:

"I did not hear what you said, and I must ask, your opinion means more than my, Svørtoft.

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Superman's show

It was built home in the Parc des Princes, which began a violent crackdown, with more balls in & # 39; the back room. Both Liverpool and PSG wanted to play the whole line of opponents.

It was Thomas Tuchel and his men who held the game in the race, and after six minutes Ángel di María had to pay the parsnips in # to guide.

The ball came in mid-range after a short angle, and the Argentine attack suddenly got off. Keeper Allison in Liverpool Liverpool had to be in full battle and went away from # a bullet.

Kylian Mbappe was to be killed and several times with Neymar in PSG's attack. After 12 minutes, the test played the French superstarfoot. Alisson had no problems with the ball.

After a break, the Braziler national team shooter would not be the same patent, when again taking Neymar and Mbappé and a bad episode of Juan Bernat.

The Spanish Linkback got the preference and expanded his visit to the Liverpool goal. Alisson was played and PSG could lead to 1-0.

Liverpool did not kill in a game, and trumpet Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah failed to find their way to the PSG defense.

Just after mid-fifty, Edinson Cavani expected the PSG leadership if Neymar found Mbappé on the edge. The French post was good, but Alisson came out of time for the Uruguayan player in 2-0.

Liverpool tried to get higher on the pitch, but was delayed for 10 minutes for this disaster. Mbappé and Neymar combine, just as before in the race, and again the French World Cup winner was four on & # 39; the left.

His post found Cavani this time, but Alisson was on the road. Unfortunately, Liverpool won the ball to Neymar, which had a simple task to put 2-0 for the French.

Liverpool players wrote for a penalty coffin just before the time Di María just fought for Maneu. The penalty was so clear, and Jürgen Klopp's men got a chance of lowering before the teams got a break.

James Milner made new excitement in the game when he defeated the legendary Gianluigi Buffon of 11 meters. Liverpool reduced to 1-2 in French capital.

Judge Szymon Marciniak from Poland sent teams to stop position 2-1 after PSG.

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Liverpool is working

PSG set its dominance in the second half, and Mbappé and Neymar played again in good positions. It does not have any reason, that all real goals are in the game.

Liverpool was still working in the game and just before playing the game, Roberto Firmino would have held Liverpool 2-2 for Liverpool as Andy Robertson left a post in PSG.

Inside the Brazilian tip you got the balls on the ball. Life for Liverpool, the experiment was well beyond Buffon's closest post.

PSG like some of the energy in & # 39; losing a match and choosing to break into veterans Dani Alves and tanker Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting in the course of a new ride.

Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool responded to settings in nearby Kaita to make more control of the midfield of really much more middle-aged women in # 39; a match.

One that still had a lot of energy, was Marquinhos. The brasileous midfielder expanded on a corner 70 minutes and beat the ball against the Liverpool goal.

Only a panther shot by compatriot Alisson makes it 2-1 to PSG with just twenty minutes left of the settlement in Paris.

Both Xherdan Shaqiri and Daniel Sturridge were set up by Klopp in an attempt to rescue PSG in # 39. They sometimes get involved, but they struggle to make some clear goals.

Just ten minutes before the end, Virgil van Dijk appeared to Neymar in the box of Liverpool. Polish Marciniak knew the game for PSG coach Thomas Tuchel.

Liverpool tried to stop the balance, but it would not be for Jürgen Klopp and his crew. So Neymar scored the first goal to win the match.

Paris Saint-Germain beat the reader of Merseyside 2-1 at the Parc des Princes.

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