Sunday , August 1 2021

New Trump Attacks at the Central Bank: – Just Doing The Opposite – Donald Trump – Stock Exchange and Finance

The US President will remain at the Federal Reserve.

The reason is that the bank is trying to govern the ultra-stimulating monetary policy that has led to a period after the financial crisis, following the retrieval of & # 39; a number of times important.

At the same time, President Donald Trump has set the toughest goals for growth in the country, which is now three percent.

He prefers to have even higher growth, and even harsh on & # 39; s brand, despite the fact that after a dance it & # 39; many end of 2018.

"If the Fed has done its job well, where it doesn't, the Federal Spender would still have another 5,000 to 10,000 points, and the gross national product would be good four percent instead of three percent" Tromp writes through the Twitter messaging service.

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Do you want the root song

Trump shows the Dow Jones index, which consists of 30 major US companies. Last year, Dow Jones dropped from 24,700 points to 23,300 points. This year, the index has again recorded 26,400 points, which reaches close to October.

So, according to Trump, the index would have to be at a fixed record level of 31,400 points to 36,400 points, except if the central bank had a dumbbell at & # 39; s vote.

Last week, the president said the US economy would decline as rocket as the central bank stopped stimulating, according to CNBC.

There are strangers that the result season in the United States, which started early, would be the least in three years. The analytes believe it is difficult for companies to follow strong figures of the past year, and this can put a damn on their brand.

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At the same time, there is still some uncertainty about the United States trade contracts with China, after the countries' domestic affairs have introduced societies.

Close the economy

Trump & # 39; s policy against the & # 39; policy a central bank is that it has its voice.

"Getting Quantitative Removal, needs to be done just the opposite," Trump wrote further in his Twitter message on Sunday.

The term quantifying removal is used for central banks of & # 39; inversion; a monetary policy flow, which they provide in the form of securities purchases that stimulate the economy.

Now these papers will be resold, which will have a terrible effect on your economy and put a strain on growth. In addition, the central bank has the interest rate of nine times since the end of 2015, after 2.5 percent, according to Trading Economics.

Earlier, Trump's financial adviser Larry Kudlow has argued that the central bank should cut the 0.5 percent interest rate, according to CNBC.

There is a risk of continuing to stimulate the economy through both low-paying levels, the purchase of fixed-income loans and public money use. In the worst case, this can make a lot of inflation, eliminating the buying power of people and so companies can & # 39; e businesses.

Break the housing brand

In & # 39; run from & # 39; In the twentieth century, contributions to parts of & # 39; the economy, especially the housing brand, but the US is still awake, and unemployment is the lowest in decades, while inflation is close to the goal of a central bank of two percent, Bloomberg writes.

Trump has recently been criticized by Governor Jerome Powell, who chose Trump himself to replace Janet Yellen. He also had the opportunity to kick Powell.

The central bank seems to listen to Trump – or at least to the brands. After business executives and oil prices arrived at the end of 2018, in January, Powell announced that the central bank was no longer so fast as to call interest rates.

In March, our Powell announced that interest rates should remain unchanged until 2019.

The new signals have contributed to the limited brands that came back in the & # 39; s. The broadly shared index S&P 500 falls as much as six percent past year, but has up to 16 percent up to 16.9 percent points up to 16 percent. It's about one percent below the September record.

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