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Music review: Linnea Dale – "Wait for the morning" new debut


Reissue: Linnea Dale resumes his career in a really good third album.
Reissue: Linnea Dale resumes his career in a really good third album. Photo: Marianne Sky / Aftertouch


Amazing morning dawn on an evening career.

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Album: POP
Linear Dale
«Wait for the morning»
(After touch recording)

Linnea Dale's career is almost 10 years old. Donkey Boy It was a broker and a seeker. Partially disappointed, partly in the form of resignation, I would like to acknowledge the pope's daily flies. Traditionally, this third solo album must be the last nail of the career box before the artist breathe and start his daily life.

However, there may be people who have forgotten to deliver a twenty-seven-year-old transformation from Telemark's Tinn. Instead of creating an unforgettable half-pop piece, she did the opposite. Along with good helpers, she refused the poprock expression, which was sophisticated, partly ice-cold, and demanding identity earlier. When the heat rises, the speed drops. It's like a brand new start.

It is no surprise that people who have followed it a little. The first part, "My Favorite Mistakes" This is as unusual as a song that has not tried to cling to its mathematical hypothesis of streaming technology. Instead, it settled into a rough rhythm and a slow mood as in 1979. There are many long fingers here.

The continuation of this mindset shows that the overall understanding of the album is unusually mature and retroactive. It begins with something that could be Neus' 70s or early 90s of William Orbit. In particular, the latter vocal strategy can be a guide to Dale's dunk, precise and smooth vocals explaining how to expand the album. Dry and dry your nose equally, but it is always an important part.

She shared compositions with Sigurd Thomassen (Pow Pow) and Kim Edward Bergseth (Jonas Alaska). The latter is hiding in the title track which is supposed to be a duet. Along with exclusively good people, this extended trio has created a wonderful genre blend of smooth souls and dark electronic devices. The new details are sneaked into their ears, and the Norwegian dual band Gold of Band is comfortable, relaxed, comfortable and relaxed in the same timeless fashion. It can be danced to an incomprehensible and strictly formalized.

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That is how idols continue.

Eight handsome songs provide Dale space for a short 30 minutes. Includes cute and strangely arranged recordings of 12-year-old Dale, who introduces and plays her own compositions. She became her best album 15 years later. Let's say this is the real start.

BEST LOT: "Like a bullet"

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