Monday , November 29 2021

Lofotpost – Tonje (37) located in Lofoten


Her first children's book "Mygga og flua" won the Movie Film Premiere in 2011, and the album she dropped for two years with "AleR".

No Unstad is finished with a new children's book. Friday came "Musling with milk" consisting of nine that read the hearing about a subject and challenging trip over and below sea level.

"Natural sculptures are an important part of" Mussel mei molke. "The arrival of 'Ofotfjord' gave Tonje experiences and images that they have translated by their texts, according to the songwriter Tom Roger Aadland in a press release.

Tonje Unstad is moved to Lofoten and founded a family. The artist lives in Sennesvik on Vestvågøy.

– Discovering a child, though it is in birds or in & quot; The forest is a magical experience. Behind the songs on this album are a wish to make small worlds for children, the album is called.

The second child book of Unstad was made by Håkon Iversen and registered with Børge Petersen-Øverleir on guitar, Mikael Nilzen on tangenter and Gunnar Augland on drums.

"Mussel mei molke" is the fifth album of artist.

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