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Jenny Skavlan and Thomas Gullestad- We're going to get kids out of the pump


It was in early November that the Norwegian super pair consisted of Jenny Skavlan (32) and Thomas Fingern Gullestad (37) that she was expecting her second child. It was done by Instagram, so the couple also found their first pregnancy.

"When I was pregnant, the finger ran 16kg or Baalsrud, and he worked hard to break his bad attention." The baby is expected in spring and we are very in-depth, the complete gang, "wrote she saw her belly.

Since then, the couple left chains. Gullestad stayed silent for the family trying on "Lindmo" Friday, Skavlan, Stian Blipp (28) and Helene Olafsen (28) in "Senkveld", could say that she was "up to twenty".

It was still on & # 39; P3 Gold & # 39; Saturday night, the couple had all the cards on the table.

"We have a late spring in spring, the future parents can tell.

– It will be real. It was very nice time, so now we're ready for a round. Now we will have twice as good home, "says Jenny.

ON RED RUNS: Jenny and Thomas were Saturday night at P3 Gold, and looked great. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Watch and listen
ON RED RUNS: Jenny and Thomas were Saturday night at P3 Gold, and looked great. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Watch and listen
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"We will unlock the children," Thomas minimizes humor.

At the same time, they think it's a great place to be P3 Gold and perform Norwegian music.

"It's exciting to celebrate Norwegian music, and when Norwegian artists are so big that you will be starred by using a red carpet with them, it's tasty.

GRAVID: Jenny Skavlan appears on a red carpet. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Watch and listen
Pregnant: Jenny Skavlan shone on a red carpet. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Watch and listen
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Why a "Great People"

There were many who were happy when the news of the family came to rise. Thomas Gullestad saw that he was daddy. In a text message to see and hear he wrote the following:

"The plan has always been to become a big gang. Now we are in a way, he determines the family education.

After the babyhood was known, the 37-year-old was a humorous post on Instagram. Here you can see him and Jenny Skavlan thumbs up against the photographer – The, according to the title, the daughter of a few, Åse (2).

– In spring we are suddenly a family of four. Hope the following one better photographic skills than the first, Gullestad wrote sensitive to the image.

Born just after our anniversary

From then on came the married couple, the daughter of Åse, until the spring of 2016 – more specifically on April 28, two and a half years ago.

The birthday of Little Åse also looks like the home of Jenny and "Fingern". The beautiful couple married on 26 April 2014 in the Norwegian design and architecture center in Oslo, two years and two days before the daughter came to the world.

At that moment, the popular program director, actor and "blessed" profiles in a self-designed marriage, the feeling of sweat away from many deep married guests.

It breaks everyone. She looked very beautiful and started to laugh, just to see her. So nice, she said, Live Nelvik to Seoghø after the wedding feast.

Shed weight

On christmas days last year, Thomas Gullestad was a film actor or opponent Jan Baalsrud in the big movie "The 12th Man".

Prior to his premiere, he made a series of major roles, led by the great weight loss – and then Jenny Skavlan was delighted with her day care for nurseries.

The weight of Gullestad went from eight to 72 weeks from 72 to 57 kilos, and the 37-year told about the weight loss of a prescription for the well-known war in the last year.

"I did not offer my worst enemy, it was not fun, and it was neither a point nor, in that case, it was, but it was just painful and healthy.

The married couple also expected the daughter of Åse in the worst worse period, and Skavlan had to bring home much responsibility.

"When Thomas was forced to lose weight, he was very tired and sick, and I was very curious and needed all the support, a strong man who could carry me, but he was never close. would rather wear it, she had previously seen Se og Hør.

Reported about family life

The expectant grandson has generally been sparrow when it comes to the opinion of Åse-audience, and they still have no face of 'social media' daughter.

Earlier in the fall, Skavlan shared the family, the birth and the love of her and her husband with her daughter, in the podcast "Family Poodle".

In the podcast that Skavlan set, she had never had a great desire or need for children before, but that everything changed when she was pregnant and her daughter came to the world.

"I was not so tired I thought," Oh, I ask for a little baby, "but then Ase was born and then I became" This is the finest and sublime and most ridiculous I've ever had "The bullet in & # 39; podcast.

"And then I think it's so nice to be in love with each other in love with each other, because we are totally free in love, they join.

STACKS LIFE: Jenny Skavlan tells Stian Blipp Show that life with children, man and home is hard to get. "For people of 19, I say" people of our age, "says South African
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Special first date

In 2016, just before the earliberries came to the world, Skavlan shared an open-hearted and longer text on her blog about how she met her husband.

She never heard of "Fingern", but learned from studios in Copenhagen that he was in the band Klovner and Kamp. After a while they ended up for a meeting when they both lived two weeks in Oslo.

The date was however different than Skavlan was care for care. Gullstad took her for lunch together with the others in the band.

Since then, Skavlan and Gullestad have disappeared, and today, nearly eleven years after their first date, they can feel the feeling of being new in love.

– New lit.

That's what Jenny Skavlan bothers her daughter, in "Family Poodle".

"I thought it was a shame to be a new one in Norwegian, since I was ten years old with Thomas I want to say that we are still in love but the interesting novelty of love, it came with Åse, she said.

"And love with Thomas, it's duplicate happiness. It was much better than I thought she told.

The difficulty itself went smoothly for the popular program leader.

In # Swirling shared Skavlan insights into its various activities on social media. By Instagram, she uploaded baby pictures to "Børning 2" – the following to the autofilm that she played in a couple of years ago.

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