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Janne Jemtland's husband did not kill her wife.


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The 47 – year – old man was accused of shooting his wife with a gun in the night on December 29 last year. Lost in consciousness and life-threatening injuries, she later drowned in the water and died from drowning and was charged on October 1.

On Monday, the Hedmark District Court will start a three-week trial. The 47 – year – old man plans to explain for almost two days. In an initial interview with the police, the ex – foreign loyalist relied on the "situation" that occurred between him and his wife shortly before his murder. Nevertheless, he always denied the punishment after the police conviction and later denied intentional murder.

According to the defendant, when the court is held on Monday, he will not answer anything about the matter.

– He denies punishment. He met in court and his attorney, Ida Andenæs, told NTB.

Missed after party

Toby's mother, Janne Jemtland (age 36), disappeared after the party on December 28 last year. A day later, she was reported missing to her husband and a comprehensive investigation was taken.

Her husband was arrested on January 12 and charged with murder. The next day, Jedland was found dead at the bottom of Glomma by Eid Bru of Hedmark's Våler municipality. It was her husband who told the diver to look somewhere.

She explained that a fatal scene that had previously stolen Janne Jemtland from the husband in question was accidental. The newness in court is why last year when a couple in Veldrom came home at Brummundal romjul night, there was no weapon at all.

Police theory found two early bloody eyes at Brumunddal after they were taken from their homes and relocated by their husbands. On December 30, the signal of a female telephone was registered in Brumunddal city center but never found.

The son testifies.

Forty-one witnesses were notified to the court about the incident in Hamar. After the defendant has given his explanation, the two sons of Janne Jemtland become the first witnesses of the prosecuting authorities in the murder case. According to the evidence that their explanations will be played on video because of their young age

Two witnesses must explain in front of the two defendants. Janne Jemtland's brother can also be the first witness in three weeks.

A couple of his friends and a man accused of making a false statement were seen.

My husband has been detained since he was arrested and is now in Ullersmo prison.

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