Sunday , October 17 2021

– It still hurts – VG


FORNEBU (VG) Maren Lundby (27) is dropping out of the Olympics because she does not want to lose weight in an unforgivable way. On Saturday night, an emotional ski jumper turns into “Skal vi danse”.


It has been a very special week for Lundby: For NRK, the jumping star confirmed that she will not participate in the Olympic Games in China. She revealed that she is struggling with weight, and that she is not ready to lose weight in an irresponsible way after the winter games.

– Extreme demands are placed on various things when ski jumping, and weight is one of them, said an emotionally charged ski jumper against the state channel.

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– This shows how good a role model Maren is

In Saturday’s “Skal vi danse” on TV 2 she and partner Philip Raabe turn to “Smile in Your Own Mirror”. They were the second pair on the dance floor at Fornebu.

– This song fits very well. People look at you and think you are having a great time, but deep down you are not completely satisfied, Lundby says about the program. She struggles to hold back her tears.

– I hope people are happy that I’m open about this.

– It still hurts, but I still think it’s the right choice, says Maren Lundby about the fall of the Olympics and the rest of the ski season.

– You’ve gone to battle against the Pampers. You have fought against the refusal to eat, says Judge Morten Hegseth enthusiastically.

FLOATING: Despite the fact that there have been many other things this week, Maren Lundby has managed to prepare for “Skal vi danse” together with Philip Raabe.

– This is a different Lake than I’ve ever seen. This is one of the strongest I have seen in a long time.

Trine Dehli Cleve was very impressed with Lundby’s dance this Saturday:

– You took the cat out of the bag this week, and you lifted the weight off your shoulders. We now see you dancing with emotion. This is the best I’ve seen from you so far.

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The role model sport needs!

Lundby and Raabe got the best of the season from the judges.

– We thought that as much activity as there is in “Shall We Dance” could help that it is resolved or that the process has led us to be somewhere else now. But unfortunately it did not succeed, said jump manager Clas Brede Bråthen on Thursday against VG.

Thus, Lundby will not have a chance to defend the Olympic gold from Pyeongchang in 2018. The 27-year-old is also above the rest of the races in the winter season.

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