Tuesday , January 18 2022

It interferes with wind power generation in Norwegian land areas – conservationists protest.


The Norwegian authorities investigate wind power in the Norwegian land area. I now protest nature conservationists.

The Tourism Association, with 315,000 members, is fighting the authorities with the Swedish Conservation Agency and several other agencies to reduce the speed and scale of wind power in Norway, says Dagens Næringsliv.

The Norwegian Water Authority (NVE) is currently preparing a national system for wind power generation in Norway, which will be completed on April 1. NVE surveyed 43 regions nationwide, covering 190,000 square kilometers, half of Norway.


"We are worried about that, there are too many areas to see in the current, we are worried that the standards are not strict enough, some of the areas we are seeing are unspoiled natural areas on the coast and in the mountains. This will cause great conflicts with the interests of nature and the open air, "says Maren Esmark, Executive Director of the Swedish Environmental Protection Federation Daren Næringsliv.

"We do not have much of nature and only 12% of the land area, 2% of the wilderness," said Hanasand Per Hanasand, chairman of the board of the Norwegian Tourist Association. I do not need it.

– There are not many jobs. We do not need strength. He said it was not Norway delivery.

"We must clearly distinguish between areas that are suitable for wind power development and those that are not," says Erlend Bjerkestrand, NVE's project manager for the national framework for land wind power.

State-owned company Statnett believes that wind power can provide the basis for a full battleground in Norway. That is, it eliminates the use of fossil fuels and fuels.

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