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Ice hockey strikes blocked – Aftenposten


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The negotiation deadline was midnight. If the party fails to agree, NISO will recruit 69 players from the Ice Hockey Club six times from Tuesday.

"On behalf of our practitioners and members, we are very pleased with the outcome." Joachim Walltin, NISO's federal leader, said that NTB .

"Then we do not need a strike, which is a big burden for everyone.

Walltin said the parties had a clear view of the matter and had a long way to go until the parties met on Monday, including the minimum wage.

According to media reports, "questions about minimum wage and career preparation are not part of the convention, but both sides ask for several special groups to assess this."

On the NISO website, we will request a special federation (handball / ice hockey) from NISO and Abelia by 1 December and update the current minimum wage of professional contractors from that point on considering the athlete and club considerations. Can be completed earliest for each special combination. "

"We have had a good experience before, and we are confident we will have good results for our members," Waltin said.

Starting point of challenge

"We had a somewhat difficult starting point, but both parties were willing to mediate and we are pleased to have reached an agreement now," said Thomas Urdal Johnsen, manager of Abelia / NHO Sport.

According to Abelia's media reports, in addition to the minimum wage issue, the contract states:

  • Questions on minimum wage and career preparation are not part of the Convention, but the parties ask various special associations to assess these points.
  • There will be a new provision for mental health of players.
  • There will be new provisions on doping and match settlement in contracts that refer to current rules in sports.
  • Travel time rules have been restructured.

You can continue as before.

"With change, this will still be a well-adapted contract for all three sports covered with it." Johnsen says that the most important thing for us is that the club can continue its good business as before is.

NISO called for a minimum wage increase of 4,000 kroner per month. At least a quarter of the handball and ice hockey players who have a special contract today are at least a quarter.

It was the first strike among Norwegian ice hockey players.

The range of strikes will be reduced because fewer players and players are organized into handball than hockey and soccer.

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