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Higher weight class Kulturby – Stavanger Aftenblad


In 2008, the city's politicians adopted it for half a year in 2008. The 10th anniversary of this year's cultural education was held in Stavanger. Cultural politicians have given the city's professional artists and cultural operators the opportunity to show themselves and their work to urban people at one or more public events, the largest cultural event in Norwegian history. Mark will reach a peak at one major international conference.

In town, the 6 hour long day local meeting at Tou Scene was a mild November day.

An exciting cultural city

Nonetheless, Aftenbladet showed what was revealed when he asked residents and cultural actors in the area at a meeting called "Open Port 2018". More than 80% of Minor Stavanger has become an exciting cultural city over the past decade. It is impossible to exactly match what is directly related to Stavanger 2008 and what is not.

But the cultural city, Stavanger, has resulted in longstanding stubborn political commitments to culture in the oil city in 2018. It is also the result of many enthusiasts, idealists and talents who have worked hard for years. Adding political will and grassroots efforts will create a living cultural city when there is no breakthrough in the capital support plan.

Investment only

Sitting in Tou's newly remodeled Machine Hall is a physical sign of the situation. Here, municipalities bought an old rusty brewery, and millions of people built a live music factory unlike Frps' will, a concert stage, a dance hall dance hall, a studio house, a graphic workshop. Tou Scene is one of the Ministers of Culture of Trine Skei Grande in Norway.

At the same time, cultural investment has contributed to the urban development of Stavanger East and is not one of the prominent areas of Stavanger. In this city has become a creative group, one vivid and fun hip.


Although the program had few international names, people who stood on stage as a crazy starting point in Rogaland explained that local culture can also be considered both large and international. While Morten Schjelderup Wensberg was on stage, Stavanger became a pillar of international web-based (conductor) education, even though it was a big, hairy goal that was itself a European cultural center. It shows everything is possible.

Or Haley Shea, one of the 50 biggest rock stars in music magazine Kerrang, is popular with recreational clubs, rock clubs and big cities. Not all young people will be rock stars, but it is possible because of such an infrastructure. Because it was the way Sløtface started. In the stadium. And they came from this country and verda with the help of AKKS and Stavanger Rock (Star).

Have no talent

Or take it to Glenn André Kaada, director of the Rogaland Theater, the provincial theater that created Norway's finest theater for the last decade. Kaada asked about the talented Factory Children and Youth Theater (BUT), which provided actors, directors and writers in Norway. But Kaada replies, but there are not enough talented factories to encourage talent development.

"I do not focus on talent development and offer free time with serious play, I rather want to create a culture where young people can learn enough about what they want to be human, maybe even about art. It is not an important factor for us. Human development is a by-product.

Imagine, hehe! The opposite mind of the elite. But anyway I will be a leader.

Or Ingrid Moe in Stavanger, New York for nine years to promote Norwegian art in the United States. One of the first incidents was that the prestigious MoMa was awarded the permanent assembly of the Stavanger 2008 project Geoparken model in Stavanger. It's not a Norwegian contemporary art. StavangerThis was covered in January in San Francisco.

"It was almost embarrassing to focus on Stavanger, where you were in New York, so I am here to brag: Me is crazy!


At the same time, in the aftermath of Stavanger 2008, Aftenbladet's journalism revealed at the day-to-day meeting that the legacy of a huge regional cooperation project was a sign of bad interest.

The problem is whether you have the ability to succeed big and ambitious beyond networking, collaboration and visual perimeter and expression, or whether the area can work together in the future. Then one may not arrive locally and internationally, but maybe even arrive in Oslo and money bags.

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