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High Conclusions to Conflict: Doctors can photograph with their own mobile camera at the operation

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Minister of Social Affairs Bent Høie now sends a round of specific privacy instructions for the country's hospital.

Aftenposten previously wrote a number of articles about the privacy conflict at the Oslo University Center (OUS). Daughters and researchers have told us that the strict interpretation of privacy officer's privacy rules are actively involved in & # 39; e good medical practice.

They told, among other things, that they were not being examined in a patient report on how the patients themselves were treated if they had no longer a treating doctor.

In some hospitals, the Data Protection Officer also believes that it is against law that doctors use their own phone to photograph if the doctor needs a second opinion to provide prompt and proper help.

32 doctors wake up: Strict privacy protects patients

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Now, Høie gives clear message that both can be in order.

In the instructions, you pay for doctors and other healthcare providers to simultaneously make the person who's treated the patient check if they & # 39; a patient has, who is correct.

– With that I want to make it easier for health workers to have an equal practice across the country, says Høie.

Read the case that the debate begins:

Mobile forgetting may be required

He is also aware that the schemes are not innovative and the use of new technology that can provide the better medical care for the children, and that the arrangements have been made and set to protect the interests of one patient.

"Without effective and customized ICT solutions, medical disasters need to send X-rays and EKGs through their phones to get advice from colleagues. This is an unfortunate practice, but may be necessary for a counseling statement on give the patient safe and fast treatment, "says the round.

– Healthcare, research and quality improvement is always a balance between privacy and patient security. The companies can & # 39; ICT system & # 39; e regulations are developed in a way that provides health care information, Høie finds.

Be like practice

Highly the privacy officers in all countries want to do the hospitals in the same guidelines. He believes that the protection of data protection has an advisory role, while the board is responsible for the decisions taken by hospitals.

– We find that there can be different differences and different sciences about strengthening and practicing the rules on access to privacy, privacy and information security, says Høie.

32 doctors wake up: Strict privacy protects patients

– a good starting point

One of those who was very frustrated with the conditions in OUS was chief physician Torkel Steen. He says that written by a Minister of Social is recognized as a counterpart of privacy and patient protection.

– It confirms that the ICT system synthesis settings are required, so for example mobile photo's are often needed. The health trust has not made their system provision. This is a good starting point, he says.

Steen, however, believes that it is far from the reality that now it is necessary to document each other as a doctor in & # 39; a magazine looks to check a patient's course.

The superior is also uncertain whether the instruction is able to make the responsibility clear enough.

– It is said that it is the management of health care that is responsible. But at the same time, the rules are managed by many agencies such as ministers, directors and the research committee. Many of the interpretations seem to contradict each other, even though they are round, says Steen.

However, he is satisfied with the idea of ​​a national sectoral language and is of the opinion that writing is a good starting point for a needed cleanliness.

– A working group is already in the process of making a normal use. Needless to say, executive health should have professionals, researchers, and patients so that rules and reality can be harmonized. The value of good information flow must be won against the actual, not hypothetical risk of misleading information, he says.

The privacy officer at OUS has been moved

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