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Here is the big news Range Rover Evoque – before it is set


Evoque with important Norwegian edition.

LONDON (Brom / TV 2): – Right on & # 39; nail. Longer, longer, longer … And now you have to leave the other way!

The instructor of Land Rover gives clear orders and gestures with both weapons. We are in a cattery like old warehouse in the heart of London.

About our thunder trainings with train. Once at a time this is a fixed stock for goods in and out of London. Now it's gone – but just today Range Rover has taken over that world-wide premiere has its new evocative.

Typically, such prices will accept that the stations can have the car and interview managers and those who have developed it. But this time Range Rover has made a new twist.

Extremely cramped

Yes, we are totally unpublished educated educators before it's indicated. I'm signed up on a long and curve document where I was promising to send no photos or tell something about the car before the term is over. And now I'm behind the rescue of a Evok.

And exactly so it was gone. This is not a traditional test rider. Range Rover has set here a kind of improvised hindrance in catacombs. In many places is the extreme disaster, and it is not possible to get more than 20 km / h between the various obstacles. But still, we get a small first impression.

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(The case is below)

These are pre-production cars, without sinters. Then we are also in a very closed area.

Longer and smoother

Evoque has been completely new. The model is RangeRovers greatest success ever and I asked to see the new look. The first impression is no surprise. When a car is created as shock or Evo, then there is no use for a sprint in that area.

This is about continuation. Base design has not changed. But if you see the new generation with the first generation, it's still easy to see that it's new. The car looks longer and worse. Both the front and the vessel have more similarities with the great brother Velar. The backward distance is also stretched, causing a lot of overhead and backlash.

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(The case is below)

The design has many new elements, but it is also the first function of the founding bosses.

Sleep for a while

Cycling should also be done a lot. Evoque is built on a new brand platform. The first generation shared with Land Rover Freelander 2 (which is again based on Ford technology), this is more modern. It is also a costly construction,

The steering preference seems like it should be at the premium level. The same applies to the interior. Regularly in this area, the Jaguar Land Rover Group has been a few jobs in recent years. It looks like they sleep a little while while many other premature bridges take big steps.

But now is Evoque with the best. Here the Range Rover runs two screens in the middle console. Navigation is at the top. The system is intuitive and easy, although it takes a couple of time to use for the various choices.

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(The case is below)

Only exceptionally it is possible to get on a particular speed here in catacombs.

Recovery hybrid and electric cars?

It is also believed that Range Rover has worked with the practical here. Safe toggles, large middle console and good cup holders are in place. Especially it is regular and powerful, supports the drawery design to support the feeling of space.

The back passengers have received two centimeters leggum extra. Not much, but for adults it can make a difference. Range Rover has really beautifully used in space. The baggage room drops out of class 591 liters.

The platform is prepared for electric power lines. The recharge of hybrid comes, the battery pack should not be spare. For Norway, it will be a very interesting car. I wonder if a full-electric version is on the go. The answer is not completely surprising "no comment".

(The case is below)

Under the shell, Evoque has taken a lot of time, this is a much more modern and expensive construction than the current model.

Out in the water

After I make my duty to stop the pre-production car from bricking off here, it's ready for the last batch. We go out to the water!

The teacher did not just get the job block this day. He is in the ice-cold water and sends me and the Range Rover forward. 60 centimeters of water see DE MUCH if you are splashing with a car, but it's (not very ordinary) that Evoque can handle.

In & # 39; the course of this problem is the end of & # 39; the process. Now, Range Rover will start building the car. In March, we will ride it in the same direction and finally in the area for the first time. There will certainly be something completely different.

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(The case is below)

Here's the right of an always so small bathroom in 60 central deep swimming pools.

Follow the success

Already we can find that Range Rover has listened to this new list in the classroom. Here you get a complete package that is done very well. Good design out and inside. Good features and what seems to be a clear improvement in driving skills on & # 39; the way.

Initially, diesel and gasoline (with the so-called soft hybrid solution). The affordable hybrid edition should be a year away. This means that Range Rover still works on the technical solution. Therefore, they do not want to say anything about the electric range, but there is reason to wait to be more than 50 kilometers.

Evoque is the car that has really made Range Rover relevant for everyone as the special guest house in Norway. More than 2,000 copies are sold by the first one. It will surprise us much, unless the second generation emerges as one of April 2019.

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