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Google with important incognito news – ITavisenITavisen

Website can no longer do this.

In the current version of Chrome, websites have the ability to check if visitors have enabled the incognito mode.

However, you can start with Chrome 76, web pages can't check if FileSystem API is available. If the website loses this capability, it means that it is not possible to determine if the user has login mode on or not.

«The behavior of a FileSystem API has been changed to remove the Incognito mode recognition method", Google writes in a blog post.

Reduce number of free items

The change can cause problems for many websites, especially online newspapers that restrict how many articles you can read for free.

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Reading to a late free article in these newspapers (and several others) will let you report for an unacceptable access. Also, it has been helpful to use the incognito mode to include the web pages this way.

Challenge for many newspapers

If this opportunity disappears, this means that you can often leave the borders and access more articles.

How publications are to get this new emerging problem, and if possible, stays open.

Chrome 76 starts one late night but is already available for beta testers.


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